2005: S.Africa: Trigger-happy black man kills himself

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[Good riddance! If only more would follow suit. Jan]

Kwaggafontein A trigger-happy man shot himself in the head when his friends shouted at him for drunkenly shooting at a group of people.

The 28-year-old man from Kwaggafontein in Mpumalanga and two friends were leaving a tavern about 22:30 on Saturday when they saw the group of people under a streetlight, said inspector Jacky Nkoana of Highveld police on Tuesday.

“His friends said he drew his gun and fired a shot at the group without provocation,” said Nkoana.

When his friends shouted at him, saying he could have shot someone in the head, he turned the gun on himself and, without saying a word, pulled the trigger.

He shot himself in the forehead.

He can’t be identified yet as police have to notify his family. He’d been renting a room in Kwaggafontein.

Edited by Iaine Harper

Source: News24.Com
URL: http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/New
Source: https://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=104867

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