Zimbabwe Farm Invasions – A Black White Race war almost started in Southern Africa

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[This is from an email I sent today to JB Campbell, one of the Americans who came to fight in Rhodesia. Jan]

People say the Whites did not fight at various times, but Whites actually tried even when they weren’t in power. In 2000, Mugabe seized the White farms suddenly. That, in and of itself is a critical event and the big driver of everything. But the time period 2000 – 2010 is really the most critical. During that time quite a lot of things happened, and the nature of what happened is something I want to discuss. I was looking through my old archive, because I don’t have that many things from early on, but those early days are the most important.

At the time, many things happened, suddenly, without planning. At the time, I thought the ANC in SA were doing false flag operations like for example, the Boeremag. But much much later, I discovered that the BM were Boers who were actually getting going for a race war because they were convinced the strife in Zim would spread to SA. Plus the Whites in Zim and the Whites in SA were trying to help each other. And then, there were the Blacks in Zimbabwe who were Allied to the Whites.

Right in the beginning, in 2000, when this stuff got going everyone had a LOT OF MONEY. Both Black governments had a lot of money and the Whites too. The Whites in Zimbabwe were very wealthy, especially the farmers. People were able to do all sorts of things. People were talking of getting helicopters to go and help, etc.

I don’t know how much you know of that time, but I documented a lot. It was a very strange kind of conflict, and some Whites in SA were definitely trying to help the Whites in Zim. There were Whites who were starting to plant bombs in SA during this time!

The Boeremag were the biggest group and they all ended up in jail. Over 20 of them. But there were others.

Look here at the Boers who were planting bombs:

Then read this article which I wrote back then, and the info in it. Take very special note of Wynand Du Toit who was a special forces guy from SA (Recces) and John Redfern. Redfern used to be the Colonel who headed Rhodesian Intelligence. He was probably in that high position when you were in Rhodesia. Redfern went on to be the "leader" of the Rhodesians in South Africa. He and Du Toit met and discussed the military options. Though, they were small players. But you’ll get the feel for some of what went down in 2001 and 2002.


Even the British SAS was around, looking to evacuate the British:


I will be looking through my archives. At the time, various White groups were doing their thing. The Whites in Zimbabwe and the Whites in South Africa were talking to each other and trying to help. But at the same time, the Black Governments we lived under were helping each other.

I was told by a White military man, I think Dr Jordaan, that Mugabe would NEVER have tried to seize the farms of the Whites in Zimbabwe if there was still a White Government in SA. But because we had Blacks here, they covered for and helped Mugabe.

I have lots of stuff. I will find more.

Those farm seizures could have turned into a war. In the end, the main struggle ended up being the Whites in Zim with the Blacks in the MDC against Mugabe. That grouping made headway. The Blacks were even killing the Blacks. It carried on and it reached it’s peak in about 2008-2010. That was when the "Good Blacks" finally chickened out and lost.

There’s much to tell.

I’ll find the bits and pieces, and then you’ll see.


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