WARNING: Spam Email from AfricanCrisis – PLEASE REPORT IT TO ME


If you ever get any spam email from AfricanCrisis where someone says something like this example below, then please drop me a line on the contact us page. I have asked the hosting company to shut down the mail facility from which this spam is coming:

Dear Sir/Madam, Naturally, this letter will come to you as a surprise since we have not met, permit me however, I am MRS. MARGRET ZUTA a daughter of Zimbabwean Farmer Mr. SMITH ZUTA . I am contacting you as the need for me to have a foreign partner in your country has become necessary due to my plans to relocate and establish a private company in that region. As the present political instability in my country Zimbabwe, does = not encourage financial investment, as the environment i s not conducive for investment and most of all security is not insured, just as reported by international media. This problem started when the Zimbabwean government under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe announced a degree on May 31st 2000 to seize more than 849 white-owned far= ms.

So far, more than 1,400 white owned farms have been invaded and confiscated, as well as claiming the properties of the farmers.Therefore, I decided to contact you, for your assistance, so that I can establish a company in your country and relocate there with this money mine father kept for me in a security and trust company in south Africa. Which amounted to US$15 Million, I will upon receiving this money on my behalf, pending my arrival to meet with you in your country so that we can both make further arrangements with regards to establishing the Company. As a partner you will be entitled to 20% of the total sum, and in which ever company that we both decide to establish, when I arrive your country we shall discuss that Facially.

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