Video: God is very evil and very cruel: God’s world: Male lion eats a Hippo alive…


[Here is yet another example of the sheer, insane cruelty of life on Earth. Here is the world God created. Man has no part in any of this. The White man is not responsible for any of this. Is God GOOD? Does God LOVE things? Well, watch how this male lion catches and eats a young hippo while it is still alive. I have another video that is much the same as this about a pride of Lions with a buffalo. In this case, the Lion has some good tactics and gets the hippo into a compromising position from which it can't escape. I'll publish the buffalo video in later weeks. It's even more intense. The Lions need to eat, and they do what they can. There is no question whatsoever that the hippo is suffering intensely as it is being gradually eaten while it is alive. The sea is just as cruel and even worse. But this is GOD'S WORLD. These are GOD'S ANIMALS. And this is how it is … when the White man is not there. Don't tell me that God loves everything and God wants all these animals to live happily together … and that the Lion wants to lie next to the lamb or goat. No. This IS the way the world really is, and you can see it all over the show. It is brutal in the extreme. And we need to acknowledge it and see it for what it is. Just because we, the European people have come out as the demi-Gods that we have … we must realise what we have overcome. Not long ago, 2,000+ years ago, our people, in Europe and elsewhere had to struggle for their lives with mere spears, etc in this same cruel world. Realise and appreciate what we have achieved for ourselves. And no, we don't need to be nice to anyone. Like the Lions, we also need to live, and we have every right to do anything we need to in order to live. Either God is asleep, or God doesn't exist or God doesn't care OR GOD IS EVIL AND CONDONES THIS. But you will see this over and over again, in every aspect of nature. It's just that here we see it with large mammals. But insects and the denizens of the ocean and even the eagles and other birds … get up to some nasty, nasty stuff. In God's world, there is only one outcome: Someone WINS and someone DIES. And it is like this, EVERY DAY ACROSS THE EARTH. I do want to mention cats. At one time I did not like cats. But I grew to like them a lot. Those furry kitty cats … are amongst the most avid KILLERS you can find. If you own a cat, I'm sure a cat has brought you a "gift" of some half dead animal it tried to kill. I recall a friend who had a cat bring her a half dead lizard. In cat psychology the cat is actually thanking you, giving you a present actually. That is how this world is. In this world, ONLY THE WINNERS LIVE AND SURVIVE AND ARE HAPPY. We used to be WINNERS. Jan]

Watch this short video, it’s an eye opener:-

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