The General with a Doctorate: Document: Multicultural South Africa cannot survive

I have in my possession a 14 page document from Dr C. J. Kruger, who was a geopolitical strategist. The document he gave me was drawn up in September 2000.

The title was: Nation-Building in South Africa: An Unattainable Utopia.

His angle, in a nutshell was that the many tribes and races, will prevent South Africa from being a true, workable nation.

Among the things that I learned from Dr Kruger and another of Dr Jordaan’s contacts, a Major who had been in Military Intelligence was that Apartheid had as its goal the redrawing of borders in Africa, starting with South Africa itself. The Major told me that the OAU (Organisation of African Unity), decided in 1963, that as a core principle, that the blacks across Africa must accept and keep the colonial borders that had been defined by the whites.

I suspect and guess that the redrawing of borders would result in lots of warfare and that is why the OAU decided to never meddle with the borders drawn by the whites.

However, Apartheid was all about the redrawing of borders. Dr Kruger’s document also shows the regions occupied by the tribes in South Africa and Africa and how this crosses the borders the whites had created.

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