The 100 Lies That The Israelites Were White – The Jewish Rabbi & British Israelism – My Comments

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[Renegade ran this excellent article which was even doing the rounds among the Christians. Jan]

THE KEY FACT IS THAT A JEWISH RABBI played a critical role in the nonsense notion that got the Brits to thinking that they were directly descended from these Israelites/Hebrews/Lost Tribes. I sent this note to the Christians about British Israelism which lies at the heart of this type of thinking that the Israelites/Hebrews were actually Whites/Europeans:

I didn’t want to say anything about this. But I agree. The notion that Jesus was white. I once knew someone who had been a christian and who became an atheist, explaining to me the history of Christianity in modern time, and all these notions that the original Hebrews were white, actually comes from a Jewish Rabbi in Britain. It started with the nonsense called British Israelism, and Queen Victoria herself believed in this. I think the Jews saw a need to rebrand Christianity as white and thus aided in this deception. The (fake) notion of the "Ten Lost Tribes" played right into that. I don’t like attacking Christianity because a LOT of the white right is Christian, and I also think a particularly important unsolved problem for the white right is why we don’t have lots of raging atheists fighting for the cause. I think that is an important point.

Here is the original article, and it makes an excellent read along with the links to the source. You’ll find many interesting comments by other whites at the source link.

I would like to address a video that has become fairly popular in the so-called White Nationalist Christian movement, particularly with the Christian Identity crowd. The video in question is a video called “100 Proofs That the Israelites Were White”. The video has made its way around various telegram groups, discord servers, internet forums, and is more often than not used as a “gotcha” to replace arguing points when debating adherents of Christian Identity.

The video can be found on YouTube and Bitchute and is often mirrored and re-uploaded by fanboys and Christian Insanists. The video is presented by a chap named “Truthvids”. Truthvids has a website called “”, wherein his opening statement reads “I began making videos in early 2018 with the hopes of spreading the truth and waking our people to our true heritage. There is no doubt that we the European people are the ‘Lost Tribes’ the descendants of the children of Israel, the people of the Old Testament”. Clearly he believes that we are “the true Hebrews” and that we must be “shown our true heritage”.

“100 Proofs That The Israelites Were White” is paraded as his best work to date and is one of the least refuted of his works. But why is this? Most of his points are very easily debunked and some of them have absolutely no basis whatsoever. The thing that makes this video so convincing to many people is the fact that he cites one hundred “proofs”, or arguing points. One man who has a Bitchute channel by the name “Project_Algiz” has done some work to debunk some of these points, but many people haven’t done much to critique these faulty “proofs”. So just how ridiculous is it? Let’s have a closer look at several of the points he makes.

First, we will take a look at the foremost point made in his video, “The Saxons – AKA ‘The Sons of Isaac”. In this point he asserts several issues in one, which is a common trend in his points. That is to say that he stacks several interpretations on to one point to drive the impression that he is pushing true and factually proven points. Firstly, he cites a Bible verse from Genesis (Genesis 21:12) which simply states that the “seeds of Isaac will be called by his name”, that is to say, a tribe of Israelites named after Isaac. From this verse he erroneously concludes that the “Saxons” got their name from “Isaac”, which is somehow a “modernized” meaning (even though the name “Saxon” appeared in a 3rd century CE Roman account) of “SaacSon” (Isaac + son), where the “I” was “simply dropped to read ‘Sons of Isaac’”. But why would they “simply drop” the “I”? And why make the name singular rather as opposed to plural, which would more accurately translate that they were “sons”, or rather “a tribe of sons (of Isaac)”?

He continues down this fantastical rabbit hole by asserting that they were the Scythians and that they had diverged into a tribe called the “Saka-Suna”, but a quick internet search for this supposed tribe brings up nothing more than hits from Christian Identity fantasy sites. In fact, the closest thing to a tribe with that name is a group of Indonesian jungle-men called the “Sakai”. Not necessarily the culture and phenotypes associated with the Anglo-Saxons, let alone the Hebrews.

Another point he makes in this video is one called “Which Race Has Truly Spread The Gospels”. In this part of the video he claims that Europeans were the “primary race of people who brought Christianity into the world”, wherein he claims that “as soon as Christianity was spread into Europe, the people heard it, they believed it, and they accepted it” and that it magically “ignited the holy spirit” in Europeans, causing it to spread like the mental and spiritual rabies that it is.

He proceeds to cite how the continued spread of Christianity into European colonies was somehow a biblical prophecy and that Europeans spread Christianity purely for the sake of spreading “the word of God”, rather than being used as a measure to control native populations, as was the case in Europe itself. Truthvids does, however, concede that whenever the missionaries stop, Christianity dies out. An interesting point that he makes immediately after pointing this out is a verse, John 10:27, which states “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me”, asserting that the followers of Jesus were looked at as sheep by none other than Jesus himself. This verse sharply contrasts with verses like John 3:16 which states that “WHOEVER” comes to Jesus shall be “saved”.

To wrap up this point, he states that Europe has “remained Christian ever since the first wave of apostles came” and that this is due to the alleged fact that “the Whites of today are the real true children of Israel”. But as with many of the points he makes, he overlooks some very fundamental facts. For example, Europe hasn’t “remained Christian”. Many countries have largely abandoned Christianity, with the Czech Republic, for instance, having a population of 34.5% identifying as “irreligious” and another 44.7% “undeclared”, as of 2011.

Another interesting contradiction is the case of Bosnia, a Southern Slavic nation which has been Muslim since the 14th century. Ironically enough, this was in large part due to a crusade launched by Pope John XXII, an effort to crush a heresy which resulted in Bosnians preferring Islam over Christianity.
Also, many parts of Northern Europe, Iceland, and the Balkans weren’t officially Christian until the 9th-14th centuries, which is (in the case of Lithuania) just over one thousand years after Christianity entered Europe.

The third and final point I will go over in this article is the point labeled “All Apostles Have Traditional English Names”. In this section of the video he claims that the names of the apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Paul, James, John, etc, are “traditional English names”, but these have only been “traditionally” English names beginning quite some time after the Christianization of the English. True traditional English names are much different, to the point where Christian names sound entirely foreign (I wonder why?). Traditional English names sound much more similar to traditional Scandinavian names, with names such as Æthelberht, Eadbald, Eorcenberht, Oswiu, Bede, Hlothhere, Arwald, Oswald, Sæward, Ricberht, etc. Not necessarily what comes to mind when you think of the names of the apostles.

He uses the assertion that names like “Paul”, “Luke”, “Jacob”, “Mark”, etc, are “white” names, and that this proves that “the apostles were white”, “Jesus was white”, and that the “Israelites were white”, when in reality they are the traditional names of “fellow whites”, if you will. This is akin to a Sub-Saharan African claiming that Africans are the true Arabs because he has the name Muhammad.

So in conclusion, one has to ask him or herself, “why is he pushing this?”. Is it that he genuinely believes in this stuff? Could it be that he was misled and bought into a convenient narrative to use as a crutch for his crippling case of Christ Insanity? Or is it possible that he is a missionary on a mission to bring “lost sheep back into the flock”? With points so faulty that had they been structures they would be ordered demolished and leveled after being deemed public safety hazards, why does he insist that they are… “The Truth”?


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