S.Africa: White man stabbed to death defending his Fiance – Fiancé speaks about the murder of Chad Botha (29)

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[This is from Benoni in the eastern part of Johannesburg. It is quite a nice area. This young White woman is experiencing the pain and horror of murder by Blacks for whom life has no meaning. They don't care. But for Whites, all Whites, first there will be pain, later there will be anger, and finally, raw HATRED will come. Jan]

Fiancé speaks about the murder of Chad Botha (29)

“I will be Chad’s voice until justice is served and his killer is caught”

November 11, 2022 Jani de Beer 3 minutes read

When Chad Botha and fiancé Keshna Schoeman bought their home in Third Avenue, Northmead, in 2019 they dreamed of restoring the old house into a home where they would make memories filled with Chad’s quirky sense of humour and lust for life.

Spending weekends and evenings tackling various DIY projects, the couple, who were together for eight years, were achieving their dreams one nail and brushstroke at a time.

Their dream home became a scene of nightmares on October 13 just after 19:00. Chad was fatally stabbed while attempting to protect Keshna from two robbers armed with knives they took from the couple’s kitchen sink.

According to Keshna, the couple were sitting in their lounge relaxing after they had completed the last work on the home’s wooden floor when she heard footsteps coming towards them.

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“I saw the two men holding knives and screamed for Chad who immediately jumped in front of me,” she said.

“There was a scuffle and the one attacker was on top of him. I pleaded that they take whatever they wanted. The robbers didn’t take anything.”

Chad succumbed to his injuries at the Netcare Linmed Hospital.

Chad was known for his humour.

Devastated, Keshna rubs over the scar on her arm, left by one of the attackers, her face breaking into a smile as she describes the nature of the man she loves dearly.

“Chad had a brilliant sense of humour that was so infectious that laughter always echoed through our home,” she said.

“He was dedicated to his work as an aircraft metal sheet worker but beamed when he helped someone in need.

“It was in his nature to lend a helping hand to strangers who may have fallen victim to crime or anyone experiencing hardship. It is cruel that criminals robbed this world of a man like him.”

Keshna’s harrowing tale of the night that they were attacked recently went viral when the grieving partner took to TikTok to share some of the events that transpired following the attack.

The clip has generated more than 300 000 views.

Keshna states that neighbours, CPF members, SAPS and paramedics were quick to respond to her cries for help.

“It all happened so fast. As I ran outside to shout for help I heard the last attacker jumping over the wall.

“I did not realise that I had also been stabbed six times,” said Keshna.

“It must have happened as I was punching the one attacker in an attempt to get him off Chad. I just wanted to protect him, like he tried to protect me.”

Speaking about the video that has had many viewers talking, Keshna said that she did not create the post thinking that it would go viral.

“I want people to face the reality that we are living with a false sense of security, caged like prisoners while criminals walk freely. They are taking lives, violating our personal space and leaving emotional scars that will never heal,” she said.

“We have become so conditioned to crime that the names of the victims are often buried under piles of unsolved cases.”

He will be remembered for his glowing smile.

Despite her loss, which she describes as a part of her that also died, Keshna says the lack of resources, support and governmental will is jeopardising the abilities of hardworking and dedicated police officers.

“There are aspects of how the investigations into Chad’s murder have been handled that to me as a civilian is ridiculous. However, how are officers supposed to be effective and efficient when they do not have the resources to fulfil their duties?” she said.

“Officers are stretched thin to react to every call and our forensic laboratories are overwhelmed with evidence, yet remain understaffed and under funded.

“Ongoing elements like these mean that victims of crime, victims like Chad and so many others, will possibly never get justice. Their names will be forgotten and the murder rate will continue to rise.”

Fuelled by her love for her fiancé, Keshna hopes to create a platform that will see members of the community mobilising along with SAPS members, taking a proactive stance against crime.

“We cannot continue to view the police as the sole protectors of the community. We all need to stand united and show criminals that we are fed up with their reign of terror,” she said.

“It all starts by reporting anything or anyone that seems suspicious. We need to demand that our officers have the necessary resources to fight crime.”

Talking about seeking justice for Chad, Keshna hopes that she will be able to face their attackers to tell them about the man they murdered.

“His name and any others that they may have harmed need to be imprinted in their minds. They may never forget those they hurt due to their wayward choices.”

Source: https://benonicitytimes.co.za/?p=453798

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