S.Africa: White Males: Depression and Suicides especially among Afrikaans men

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Video: Decapitation: How the Boers dealt with violent crowds of Blacks
A young Boer I knew, Gilbert, told me of the time in the early 1990s when he served in the South African Army and was stationed in the townships. He described the tactics the Boers used to smash violent black crowds with a minimum loss of life.

I was chatting today to a young Afrikaans man I know who does counselling to Whites for suicide. He was telling me things are crazy. If you think a farm murder of 1 farmer a week is a lot. That’s nothing. He said in SA 23 people commit suicide every day and most of them are WHITES and they are mostly WHITE MALES. And he said that White Afrikaans Males are the ones committing suicide the most.

I’ll get more info on this.

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