S.Africa: The Corruption & Theft by Jews & anti-White Liberal Super-Rich Scum #WMC

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2004: White separatism on the increase in S.Africa My Comments
Back in 2004 I posted this article about Orania with my comments. You‘ll see back then I was advocating secession and a White‘s only state.

Here are some websites where you can find stories about what these anti-White Liberal scum and Jews have been up to. These articles seem to be written by blacks and other non-whites. In and among these articles are some really interesting nuggets of information.

Here are two websites with a bunch of articles:

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Video: APARTHEID: Why didnt White South Africans just slaughter MILLIONS of Blacks?
In this video we look at Apartheid in its proper context. Was Apartheid really intended to be VIOLENT? Were the Whites trigger-happy and keen to just slaughter Blacks in great massacres? Is the new South Africa more peaceful than under White rule?

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