Photo: S.Africa: Blacks killing Blacks: Manhunt in Mpheni mountains after Christmas day killing of 8 villagers – My Comments

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[This is about a fight in the rural areas in the South East of South Africa. Here it mentions fierce fighting between these groups. This is just one example, of a zillion, that non-Whites have their own stresses and eventually they kill each other. This is what happened in Africa before the White man came, and it's still going on. In fact, and this is the really interesting part, Black Governments in Africa are unable to curtail the stresses among Blacks on the continent. In fact, efforts, including by South Africa, to settle matters were total failures. I will say that history will show that WHITES, and White colonialists especially, brought the only true PEACE to Africa that it has ever known. What you are seeing is Africa reverting to its own problems. And it's getting worse. But this incident is in South Africa itself – in a mountainous region. Jan]

Manhunt in Mpheni mountains after Christmas day killing of 8 villagers. Photo: SAPSManhunt in Mpheni mountains after Christmas day killing of 8 villagers. Photo: SAPS

Intensified post killing Operations are underway at Mpheni Villages following the killing of eight villagers on Christmas Day.

Search for suspects underway as operations intensify at Mpheni Mountains. The operations are led by the Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Liziwe Ntshinga in person on the Mountains of the area. All forces are on the ground in search of other suspects believed to have been involved in the fierce fighting between the two groups.


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