NASTY: A European friend of mine in SA – Defrauded by Blacks…

I’ll put up an audio about this. But a lady from Eastern Europe who lives near me was defrauded of a lot of money and had her cell phone stolen by black Zimbabweans busy with a business deal with her.

Oh man, whites from outside Africa do not know how deceptive these blacks can be. These blacks learn to talk like whites, and speak as if they are knowledgeable … but man … they are crooks.

She lost a lot of money that she could ill-afford.

It’s sad. She sent me a voice note saying: “Jan, I’m not as distrusting as you … I trust people … and this is what happened to me”.

White women, need the protection of white men. Some white women cannot handle the ugliness, danger and cruelty of life.

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