My VIDEO Updates: The latest: Kasrils Videos & Angola/Portuguese Race War Next step…

The last 3 days I’ve had to focus on important admin work that I could not let slide any longer.

On the video front, the Kasrils videos is a 4 part group.

The next video I want to release on my websites TODAY is the 3rd in the series, where Kasrils discusses Dr Verweord, who most whites in SA don’t realise was a closet DUTCH NAZI and the finest ruler of South Africa. In the 3rd video you’ll hear the actual question and answer session where I tried to entrap the Jewish Communist Ronnie Kasrils. I was actually trying to lay a trap for him. I have a theory that the reason that the reason the Jews loved Mandela so much was because they finally found a black who would actually kill whites. You will find that in the Rivonia arrests Mandela was arrested along with a huge number of Jews. The South African Police caught them in the act … red handed … plotting a massive terrorist blitz across South Africa.

So in the 3rd video, you’ll hear me asking Kasrils the question and egging him on and then the things he discussed and mentioned, not only about Verwoerd and Mandela (which was my focus), but he also talks about additional things which I did not ask for, which are extremely fascinating. For example, he talks about Pratt, the white englishman who shot Verwoerd in the face and HIS LINKS TO THE JEWS!!!! This is fascinating, because when we get to the topic later of the Jewish man who was the engineer in all the attempts to kill Verwoerd, you’ll see the Jewish links there. But out of Kasrils’ mouth you’ll hear stuff that I don’t think has ever been said in public or written about. In fact, after my question, I was angling to get in a second question, but the Jews changed the topic fast, and killed the entire session after the question after mine.

In Part 4 of the series, which I want to release this week, we will listen to the entire discussion from beginning to end. You will hear also how friendly the Jews were to all our enemies in the ANC and the communist party. You’ll be listening to the enemy in our ranks, the enemy within and how friendly, happy and supportive they are of the enemies whom we had to fight a war against.


I will be working on the final part today. I had hoped to do it 4 days ago, but was too pressed for time. Today it is my highest priority. In this video you will see how black attempts at white genocide turned into black genocide. AIf you have not watched the first video in the series then you will find it on my Bitchute channel here:

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