Was Jesus an Aryan (White)? – The Great Jewish Mask – August 1909 – The Open Court

[One of my followers sent me this fascinating note. He had indeed found something I was looking for. Here’s his note. You can download the PDF as I did. This relates to the Temple of Solomon article which I had found as a result of my diggings into the sources for The Great Jewish Mask.

I should add, that IF Jesus existed, then the answer to what race he might have been might be as per below. But keep in mind that Jesus might never have actually existed. Do not take it as “a scientific fact” that Jesus actually existed as a real person. That is a whole different line of questioning.

In The Great Jewish Mask I had mentioned The Temple of Solomon and the article that mentioned Jewish art and how absolutely pathetic it was. It was in this magazine that I found the exact quote, word for word that was used in The Great Jewish Mask in 1936.

In this magazine you’ll also find the full copy of The Temple of Solomon article. This magazine has many articles about Christianity, the Bible and even evidence of human sacrifice found in Israel.

I should mention that Christians do some things without really questioning it carefully. There is for example the time when they have bread and wine in Church and when they “drink the blood of Christ” and “eat” of his body. These may be references to human sacrifice and cannibalism that has found its way into the Christianity and yet Christians never ask themselves why they are “drinking the blood of Christ”.

But when I found this magazine I saw that it also had mentioned this article about Jesus being an Aryan however in the copy I had, I did not have this section. So one of my followers found it! Here it is. The conclusion of those who are interested in the science of religion and what they concluded in 1909 about Jesus’s race is based on what was known about the area he was born in. Jan]

Received on: 2017-12-29 :-


Just finished listening to your four part series, The Great Jewish Masque. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort you put into your videos and web sites. I think it was in part four of the series, you referenced an article from a 1909 issue of the the magazine, The Open Court. The article was entitled, The Temple of Solomon, by Phillips Osgood. As a side remark you mentioned an article title in that same issue that was listed in the table of contents, titled, Was Jesus an Aryan? and you expressed your desire to read that article but your copy of The Open Court only included the front cover and The Temple of Solomon article. If you are interested, I found a pdf copy of that issue of the magazine at archive.org that includes the article about Jesus. The link is https://archive.org/details/opencourt_aug1909caru. It’s a very short article consisting of only three paragraphs. Hope that helps a little.


Here, from page 504 of the PDF is the article.

Prof. Paul Haupt informs us that in the Nciie Revue for October, 1908,
an article appeared by A.Wirth, entitled “War Christus ein Arier?”—the same
subject as the article of Professor Haupt in the April Open Court. Professor
Harnack comments on it in a subsequent number of the same periodical saying,
“Had Jesus not been a Jew, his Jewish antagonists would certainly not
have ignored the fact. Whether, however, he was an Aryan in the sense that
Treitschke, Rietschl, Leibniz, etc., are ‘Slavs,’ that is, whether there were
several drops of Aryan blood in him, is no longer to be determined and in my
opinion without interest.”
It is a strange coincidence that this same topic has been broached almost
simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic. Though Professor Wirth’s
article appeared before Professor Haupt’s, we may state that Professor Haupt
has utilized his article several times as a lecture, first in August 1908, and it
had been announced for the American Oriental Society, which convened in
April 1908.
In our opinion, there can be no question but Jesus was a Galilean by birth.
The story of his birth in Bethlehem is conceded by higher critics to be a later
invention. The Galileans were fanatical Jews according to their religion, but
they were a mixed race, and we will grant to Professor Haupt that Galilee
has been peopled by immigrants of Aryan descent. Granting the argument
we are, however, not prepared to say that Jesus was an Aryan. First we know
that the Aryan immigrants were not pure Aryan but, like the Persians and
even more than they, were considerably mixed with Semitic blood, for their
ancestors had been living among Semites for centuries; and in addition we
know that many Syrian and Phoenicians, and remnants of the aboriginal population
were living in Galilee. All we can say is that Jesus was a Galilean, and
the Galileans were a people of mixed blood.

[The above images of Fake Jesus and Real Jesus come from a modern scientific study of what Jesus would have looked like, based on what we know.

So in conclusion of the author above, if Jesus existed then he would have had a bit of Aryan blood in him, but he could not have been a pure Aryan (white). So by South African standards Jesus would have been some type of coloured.

Christian Identity Christians have their reasons for believing that Jesus was 100% white. Jan]



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  • 13th Nov 2019 at 8:39 am

    German Higher criticism was found to be flawed with the documentary hypothesis. Good luck using that lot as a source of truth. As to Jesus and his race Jewish genealogy’s were always taken on the Fathers side and were lodged in the temple. His Father was the Holy Spirit. Not as the modern Pharisaical Jews say through the mothers. They added to Gods word and said decent was through the mother. By reason of the fact that the mother alone knows. The records were lodged in the temple as were the title to the land of each family. So when the genealogies were destroyed so were the title to the family land which was forbidden to be sold. Thus the destruction of the nation came when the records and temple were destroyed. The Jews are Semitic coco skinned as are the Palestinians. He read in the temple and was accepted as being of Jewish stock and no Mamzer. Sephardic Jews (from Spain) and the Mediterranean Jews were all Palestinian looking. Khazars were proselytes of the 8th century and were not Jewish stock and thus deserved no place in Palestine or there land. not to say that dark skinned ones do either. Mamzer mean bastard and out breed. As to your comment on Christians drinking blood and eating body it is the Catholics who rejected the passage that says do so in remembrance of me. Jesus was referring to his up coming sacrifice and was instituting a memorial not a cannibalistic practice. Jesus was quite clear it is the Spirit that gives life not flesh and blood. You are sure to revise your mistakes as this is the honourable thing to do. Many lies are spread by not studying for yourself.


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