Is the SA Government recruiting new Spies and Traitors among the Whites of South Africa?

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I did report some weeks ago that I heard that an "intelligence agency", which is either a government intelligence agency, or MORE LIKELY, a Company that is contracted to the Government for Intelligence work, is busy trying to recruit Whites in the right wing, especially Boers, to spy on other Boers/Whites.

Today, from a totally different and unconnected source, I received some really interesting, and very shocking information about higher level Whites who might be on the payroll of National Intelligence and under obligation to spy on the Whites. The people on this list might have been on the National Intelligence payroll for some years.

I got it from someone who is no nonsense and as solid as a rock. I will have to dig more into this in the coming months.

Some of the names I was given shock me.

But I will need to try to get to the bottom of this, and I will have to assess the accuracy of the data.

Sometimes in this world of spying, you play games within games. So I will need to look at the data, and question people and do some hard thinking as to what this means.

One of the names is very surprising, and nobody would suspect that person.

Some of the other information does ring a bell with things I, myself noticed. There is a Boer who went to jail and was arrested by the Police in recent years, and I know quite a bit about the details regarding the events that led up to his arrest. I SAW FOR MYSELF … some very strange messages which emanated from a certain person. Those messages raised a lot of eyebrows among the Whites, and outraged many people at the time.

I’ll have to do some digging and some very hard thinking about the matter, and try to determine what it means.

It is possible that the Black ANC Communist Government has been moving in on various White organizations in order to block them quietly.

I once had contact with a Boer who was living in Orania, and he told me why he believes that the Government has moved in to control and PREVENT THE GROWTH OF THE WHITE TOWN OF ORANIA.

The President of South Africa visited Orania some years after I had started AfricanCrisis and when I was singing praises to Orania. I was writing articles about how awesome Orania was and the next thing we knew the South African President, the Jew-loving, White-hating, Liberal-pretending bag of shit, Mbeki went there I think. I think it was before Zuma. It is very possible that the Government warned or forced the leaders of Orania into some kind of secret agreement or threat.

The growth of White organizations might be something that has been blocked. At the very least, National Intelligence would be putting spies into the higher echelons so that they are aware of everything that is happening at a high level and especially so that ANY MAJOR MOVES ARE PREEMPTED – so that they are incapable of doing any planning or doing anything big without the Government knowing about this.

Spying is nothing new. It’s as old as warfare. Hitler, like Napoleon and all other leaders in history knew about these problems and had to deal with all these problems. It is very likely that the man who faced this with the greatest intensity was Hitler, and in the end, he outwitted his enemies. There is ALWAYS a solution to EVERY PROBLEM if you are determined enough.

So don’t be panicked by any of this. This is par for the course. It happened among Whites in Zimbabwe as well. Zimbabwe under Black Communist rule, was a HOTBED of the most intensive spying that ever happened on the African continent. Zimbabwe had the most intensive, vicious spying, that makes South African spying look like a walk in the park. If it wasn’t for the CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation), the Black Communists of ZANU PF would have been thrown out of the country by now.

In the end, spying, torture and assassination and fear and threats … that is the only way these POWER HUNGRY communist Blacks remain in power.

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