IMPORTANT: The Weird (Jewish?) Portuguese Revolution that collapsed Portuguese power in Africa

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[One of my Portuguese readers sent me this note. For me, as a Rhodesian, the sudden, bizarre collapse of Portugual, was the greatest disaster that happened to the Whites of Southern Africa. Portugal was building things and moving forward. I still want to do a video about the Portuguese plans. Portugal, as small a European country as it was, had the greatest plans for southern Africa and it had the means and the LEADERSHIP WILL POWER to build its 2 massive colonies of Angola and Mozambique. To this day I watch these colonies with DISGUST. It disgusts me just like the events of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe disgust me. Angola is currently very wealthy and it has the largest army in Southern Africa and it is totally from OIL. Oil was discovered there and the USA was buying the oil. However, in Mozambique, they have made enormous gas (and possibly) coal discoveries! All of that could have belonged to Portugal today. BUT THE PORTUGUESE IMMIGRATION TO AFRICA WAS A VERY CRITICAL FACTOR. THIS WAS VERY IMPORTANT AND THIS COULD HAVE SAVED ALL THE WHITES OF SOUTHERN AFRICA! I am not joking. Jan]

This is what my reader wrote:

"White Rhodesians, and the Portuguese, similarly, to my knowledge, NEVER assassinated their own".

I have lived in Portugal since 68. I was through the "Bloodless" "Carnations RevoluZion". A Jew-Job like all since the (anti)-French one.

It obviously was for Geostrategic reasons. Angola and Mozambique were a grip surrounding the other 2 white run african countries.

Not only is Angola Resources Loaded and Mozambique a potential tourist paradise (the recently ANNOUNCED dead Benjamin de Rothschild from France bought there a giant Hunting ground).

Those 2 Colonies, to where it was more difficult for white portuguese harder to emigrate than to Brazil (and perhaps even South Africa) were growing and developing at a much faster pace than the metropolis.

Not only was oil discovery the source for American & Soviet led terrorism.

Such a well led and growing southern part of Africa, w/ South Africa at its head would be a thorn on the side of the Kalergi-Mongreling- Strategy. The No White-Race exists. (same as Palestinians). There is only one Race, the Huma-Race».

Plus, prosperity might become contagious, difficulty enrolling physically apt "Sub-Saharan
©" Mercenary-Stallions onto Euro-mares.

But the Judas were available in Portugal, infested, since the Marquis of Pombal and specially since French and then English rule. I believe it was then, under judeo-british occupation too, that the "Cosa Nostra" was Massonically established in Sicily. Always turning everything on its feet, the (on ways a patriotic thing) Italian Unification, was led by Masons and its stooges under Illuminati / Rothschild interest, not least, to Suppress the Papal-States (and thus Papal autonomy).

So were Covetous, Greedy Traitors, many of which covered under the cloak of «Freedom», Demo(ni)cacy,… Some high Rank military. Junior Professional military Officers from the mainland jealous of the faster promotion of those serving at war,. ..

But specially, masonic pervert and / or resented scoundrels.

– Alvaro Cunhal, Communist leader, whose father already was one and frequented jews.

– Mario Soares, daddy’s son and a fag pedophile who made the "Decolonization" Disastrous process in Angola, handing the land to the Soviet MPLA faction instead of the predominant (and suppressed American led FNLA).
– Pinto Balsemão, another Daddy’s spoilt brat. A CIA asset on top of a Masson, who became Prime Minister after the )Kissinger ordered) assassination of his coleague Sá Carneiro whose plane (bombing) crash , Lindon Johnson style, he never investigated,…

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