IMPORTANT: Secession in Canada: Western Canada Vs Eastern Canada… – Secession coming to Africa & S.Africa


In a discussion with a Canadian supporter, he mentioned this fascinating thing:

I think covid is helping wake people up. There is a new political party emerging called the Maverick Party. The MP wants western Canada to leave Canada. I think some members also talk about forming a white ethno-state. I want to learn more about them.

Now I had discovered in Canada that French Quebec tried damned hard in the 1970s and later to break away from Canada. But what is this notion of Western Canada?

This was my reply:
This is extremely interesting. Just the other day I saw that the late, great Doug Christie, was actually involved in this notion of Western Canada splitting off. It was the first time I’d heard of it, and he made the point how Eastern Canada totally dominates Western Canada. I’m keen on any ethnostate. Please keep me in the loop regarding this. I will post this on my site tomorrow. This is a very exciting development. In Africa, lots of BREAKUP will be coming in the decades ahead including South Africa. The key thing is if whites can create their own state(s) ANYWHERE. Heck, I’d join their army to help them fight. I just want to see whites seizing their own territory and standing firm – anywhere. Keep me in the loop on this one. Thanks.

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