From Canada: White Survival – An Idea whose time has come … the Amazing German Christian Hutterites…


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[I recently put out that long video of 6h44m about the Hutterites of Canada and what amazing people these are. I've begun getting my first trickle of feedback from various people and I am pleased. I was amazed that some people, in relatively short order actually watched it all, along with my analysis. I am very pleased. Below is an email from Terry, the lady in Canada, who brought the Hutterites to my attention. She went through the video and below are her comments. For me, one of the most incredible aspects of the Hutterites is the rate at which they could have children. I discussed this at length with Terry and with another American Christian lady whom I have known for almost 20 years. Both of them know Hutterites well and know about how they work and also their problems. But these mature White women are all fully supportive of the way the Hutterites live and even the idea of young White girls getting married at the age of 16. I am totally sold on the idea now myself. Now that I've talked to White women who themselves have lived their lives and had their own families, and heard from them their views on the life of a woman, and that they are very supportive of young White women having lots of children. This delights me. So I'm totally sold on marriage at a young age, for the right reasons, for having BIG FAMILIES. To me, the biggest and most incredible fact was that Whites can double their population within 20 years. That is a very short period of time. I will return to topics such as Nation States Versus Empires, and many other related topics, and then you'll see that ALL WHITES CAN SURVIVE AND THRIVE even in the face of a genocide thrust upon us by Jews and Liberals, and super-rich elites and communists and assorted degenerates. The Hutterite model, is unquestionably, the beginning of a new form of organisation that could save the Western world from anything. I will also begin discussing the military side of such things, because in reality, Whites have done this type of stuff before – not as well organised as the Hutterites, but the concept of colonies. This basic concept can lead to incredible things. Military History is my first love, and I've studied many aspects of these things and looked at it closely and this stuff will work for us like crazy. So keep watching… To Quote Red Ice Radio … the Future is the Past – or something like that. That is exactly where we're going. We will survive and we will thrive. Terry told me that when she was young, she once had a chance to marry a Hutterite man. But her mother would not have any of it. So see her comments below about how her life turned out. Jan]

Terry wrote:


I have watched the entire video. It should open eyes and give people ideas as to where to go from where we are at.

It is an idea whose time has come. We need to unseat the criminals who have taken over and put in systems which serve the people and not the criminals. I would like something like this. It is easier when all are on the same page.

I compare this way of life to how our life was when we were growing up and how things went after my sister and I left home. I will not elaborate at this time but it is a story and a half.

These women have lots of work but they have an easier life than my sister and I had.

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