From a loyal AfricanCrisis supporter: You were right about Cyril Ramaphosa… the Liberals are now silent…

I got this note today from my most loyal South African supporter about my predictions regarding Cyril Ramaphosa.

My supporter wrote:

Hi Jan,

Hope this email finds you well.
You were spot on about Cyril Ramaphosa! All the hood-winked liberals are very quiet about him all of a sudden, have you noticed?  I think they are a little shell-shocked at the prospect of losing everything they own.  It really doesn’t bode well for us, and I have noticed a hyper tense atmosphere lately – it’s definitely time for us to start making plans.  
I have just finished listening to Graham Hart interview Alfred Schaefer – Wow!  what a courageous man.  I will be sure to listen to him whenever I feel fearful.
Thanks again for all the fabulous information and videos.
Regards and take care,
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