EXCELLENT: S.Africa: Farm attack, whites fight back wound two attackers & one captured!

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[The info herein is brief, but it sounds extremely promising. I would love to know the finer details. This is excellent stuff. We whites can do it. The biggest thing standing in the way of whites fighting back successfully is the South African Govt and the Police. The problem is not that we CANNOT… the problem is that its illegal for us to defend ourselves. However we need to get past these types of problems. In the end, fighting back and surviving is utterly critical.

This incident is excellent. If 5 blacks came to attack and they got their asses kicked … that’s a real nice victory!! FANTASTIC! We whites must fight back. Jan]

A farm attack took place at Hennops River, Gauteng Province on 13 June 2018. Five armed suspects entered the house and the victims fought back.

Two attackers were wounded in the struggle, one has already been arrested and the other is being sought in the bush. The other three attackers fled the scene.

None of the victims have sustained any serious injuries.


The incident was tweeted by Ian Cameron from AfriForum @IanCameron23

South Africa Today – South Africa News

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/gauteng/farm-attack-victims-fight-back-wound-two-attackers-hennops-river/

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