Example of risky wild investment worries in South Africa


[This is from a local investment newsletter run by whites. Notice how they describe this wild economy run by the blacks. Jan]

We have been riding the South African rollercoaster for more than 5 years now. Most investors have nausea, whiplash and headaches from the many ups and downs and feel frustrated that they have not been able to grow their wealth in line with any reasonable inflation benchmark. Many are asking if they would have been better off putting their money under the mattress?

Rand depreciation and a global equity bull market has brought some light to diversified South African Balanced and Offshore portfolios, but concerns are that this party may be running out of steam? Trump continues to tweet, Boris is running rogue in Britain, while Xi is playing hardball in Hong Kong. And on the local front we wonder if Cyril can save Eishkom?

Is there light at the end of the tunnel or should we buckle up and brace ourselves for the next round?

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