Black American Thomas Sowell – Great Black Intellectual … talking crap about Africa & Europe

As a rule, I don’t really concern myself with what "Black Intellectuals" have to say, because for the most part I don’t think much of their opinions. But I know that Sowell is well respected. So I spotted a video on Jewtube which had him discussing the enormous continent of Africa where I live and which we, the European race, conquered in it’s entirety in 20 years, and where the Boers are the only remaining, living Whites who have an actual claim to some territory in it – namely the Boer Republics. Technically, I live in one of the Boer Republics, the Transvaal – because I live in Johannesburg and that was a city in a Boer Republic.

Anyway, I saw this video about Africa, and on this occasion I decided I’d download it to assess it a bit. It might have something of interest.

I just began listening, and my bloody head nearly f*cking exploded.

I then stopped the video for closer listening to later so I could go through it in detail.

You are most welcome to send me any crap that you come across wherein Blacks, Jews and Liberals try to portray Africa as a place of hardship and they try to "explain" (lie actually), about WHY AFRICA IS POOR. Feel free to send me anything like it. I might need to go and buy some seriously strong tranquilizers while going through such shit, but I am thinking that I must do this because people talk so much utter crap about Africa that it needs to be countered.

So send me anything, I will look at it, because this must be done. The total shit that is written about Africa and the INSANE LIES they tell about Africa need to be countered. And the worthless Blacks are encouraging this shit because then they go with their begging bowls to America and Europe begging for billions of dollars.

We Whites in Africa, like all Whites EVERYWHERE, were not a bunch of cry-baby sissies who begged for money. We made do with what we had, and actually, Africa is a nice place to live, with tremendous potential.

In fact, if there is a continent that really is the MOST DISADVANTAGED, then it is EUROPE … tiny, cold, miserable little Europe. If you want a continent that is SERIOUSLY DISADVANTAGED … then it is EUROPE!!!!!!

Yes, this is true. Europe has insane disadvantages. But our brethren made do in Europe and came out awesome.

Anyhow, returning to Sowell, my head nearly exploded when he began droning on with this line of totally crap "logic".

It went like this. Europe, despite it’s small size, has lots of natural harbours. This is why the European people became so adept at sailing ….

Africa, despite being the 2nd biggest continent on Earth … has a coastline that does NOT have lots of natural harbours … blah blah … the poor disadvantaged Blacks!!

I have never heard such lame crap like this in my life. I will go through the video in the coming weeks to hear more of this horse shit.

WE DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM IN AFRICA WITH A LACK OF HARBOURS. There is zero evidence that Africa, in any way, is unable to develop due to a lack of harbours.

More harbours would not improve the situation at all for many reasons.

During the times of White rule, Whites never complained, nor found any reason to complain about this (fake) problem. We did absolutely fine and WE WERE THE ONES WHO BUILT ALL THE PORTS THAT ACTUALLY EXIST. We never suffered from a problem in this regard.

Like all the total crap written about Africa, one would now have to investigate and discuss this. But I’m sure it’s not a big deal.

I have spotted many utterly LAME reasons given by Blacks for their OBVIOUS FAILURES. And Jews and Liberals are probably among those thinking up this crap.

Let me tell you something: If the European race and the Black race wanted to swop continents, then I would say, Europeans must seize Africa and we give the Blacks Europe. The Blacks would soon begin DYING OUT while in Europe … and Africa, filled with Whites would explode and become the richest single continent on earth. And it wouldn’t take long.

Then when the Blacks have mostly died out in Europe, except for along the southern portion, then Whites can grab Europe back!

But honestly, there is not an ounce of proof that life in Africa EXCEPT FOR THE FEW DESERTS THAT EXIST – Sahara in the north, those deserts or semi deserts in South Africa and Namibia … those are the only places where it’s not fun to live.

IN FACT, Whites, and this includes GERMANS … owned the places with the deserts. The semi deserts in South Africa at places where WHITES LIVE. The semi-deserts of South Africa, like the Karoo, are occupied, almost exclusively by WHITES!!!! And Namibia, formerly German South West Africa, is the biggest desert area in southern Africa. The Germans and the Whites who lived there, thrived, despite it being probably the most unpleasant place to live in Africa south of the equator.

BLACKS DO NOT LIVE IN DESERTS. The Blacks actually live 95% in the most wonderful and richest parts of Africa.

Liberals, Blacks and Jews LOVE to pretend that Africa is "poor". No. Africa is STUPID. The problem with Africa is not that nature is cruel to Blacks. It’s the opposite. Blacks live in wonderful places and they stuff those places up.

Anyway, send me any Liberal, Jewish and Black crap about "why Africa is poor" and I’ll look at it. Like I say, my brain might just EXPLODE …. but send it. This utter crap needs to be countered.

ALL WHITES WHO’VE LIVED IN AFRICA WILL TELL YOU WHAT A GREAT PLACE IT IS. There are even Whites who’ve moved to Africa from Europe in the last 40 years, who still live here and they all agree that Africa has amazing potential. Africa is much easier to live in than Europe. I’ve heard this out of the mouths of Germans, Bulgarians, etc – people whom I know personally.

If there’s a DISADVANTAGED CONTINENT IT IS EUROPE. Go and look and see the things Whites have done there. e.g. the Dutch. getting land out of the sea FFS.

There might only be one advantage that Europe does have, and it is that Europe might have the most navigable rivers on the planet. That might be it’s only advantage. But in all other respects, Europeans have SERIOUS DISADVANTAGES.

I have a tiny book in my library called "Africa, the continent of the future". It was written by a British army officer, a colonel I think. And it was written shortly after WW2 where he wrote about how easily all the problems of Africa could be solved and how Africa could become awesome.

That is just one example, of how Whites, who are knowledgeable about Africa have always realised that this is a place with INSANE POTENTIAL.

If the Blacks think Africa is too hard to live in, then chase them out of it, and let Whites occupy it. Honestly, that is my dream I tell you.

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