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2005: Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America
This is an American article I published on AfricanCrisis from another website.

Someone was complaining to me that an email had ended up in her spam folder. I thought I should just warn all of you to check your own spam folders from time to time – perhaps once or twice a month. Just check your SPAM folders. The Internet has different priorities and very complex rules that it uses to determine whether email is "high priority" or whether it could be "mass". It treats the emails differently. So the highest priority emails are the ones that are sent person-to-person. Like from me to you. But when ANYONE sends out mass emails, then the rules change. Like you, for example, from your own mailbox can only send a certain number of emails per day. The limit is so high that the vast majority of people don’t even know there’s a limit. But if you ever try to send hundreds or thousands of emails from your personal email in one day, you’ll soon discover the limit. And if you do that, you can be BLACK LISTED. Your email can be seriously blocked if you try to do mass mails from your personal email address. So personal emails are HIGH PRIORITY, but also limited in number. However, you can send mass mails, and there are ways to do it. But all mass mails then have different rules applied to them. You can then send millions of emails without a problem BUT, then they are "scored" differently, and depending on their Subject and content, the systems can mark them as SPAM.

I am seeing a lot more SPAM these days in my different email accounts. I sometimes even see SPAM from people who I know personally – even though it’s not spam.

I would suggest to most people that you check your own SPAM about once a month and just browse it a bit.

There are ways of marking emails to have a higher priority and "safe" so that it doesn’t go into spam.

So just be aware that email has LOTS OF COMPLEX RULES that are carried out by computers and servers that you know nothing about.

This is just part of the wondrous automation of European civilization.

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16 Pics: A Jewish Communist assassin stabbed S.African Prime Minister Dr Hendrik Verwoerd to DEATH!
Dr Hendrick Verwoerd was the Prime Minister of South Africa. He was *HATED* by the Jews and is regarded as the main creator of Apartheid. Apartheid was White Racialism whereby all Whites (Afrikaans and English) ruled SA together. Verwoerd was unquestionably the Greatest White leader in the history of SA. Jews had him killed.

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