Angry Afrikaner writes to Editor: Don’t vilify S.Africa’s White People!

[Here is a letter to the Editor of a major newspaper here in SA. This is written by an Afrikaner in the Cape. Its worth reading it, because you’ll get the sense of how there is a never-ending tirade against whites that is going on in the mass media here. This shit never stops. It is very important for whites to realise that if we do not stand up for ourselves and we do not defend ourselves, then our enemies will NEVER stop kicking us around. We must stand together as a race! This shit NEVER ENDS! Jan]

One thought on “Angry Afrikaner writes to Editor: Don’t vilify S.Africa’s White People!

  • 4th Feb 2020 at 8:25 am

    Refugeese have long proved this woman right. Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Sudan and may more other races always seek asylum and immigration to racist white countries. Clearly they do not migrate to Mid East or Far East. Its is clear the freedoms of the white heritage are fair and just. Soon this will all evaporate in the ashes of the the mythical bird. We are the only race and religion to have and abolitionist movement. Yes it was us who ended slavery and put commercial food on your tables when white maze did not exist in Africa. Its must be our fault as multicultural societies are breaking down in the face of pure tribalism and self interest. The next chapter of the world will spell abject poverty for all as we are not to transgress the ancient boundries.


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