A Cheeky message from a Female Reader…

I got quite a cheeky message from a reader. It was this:

I never receive a reply back when I send a question. Why should I donate ? A serious question.

I replied to the lady as follows:-
That’s quite a cheeky message from you. Luckily, the vast majority of people I deal with don’t have that sort of attitude.

You act as if I owe you something, as if you’re customer whose bought something from me and now you’re demanding a service.

The truth is, that I work for FREE … my time … my servers which I must pay for … and LOTS of technical work that I must do, over and above creating content and replying to people.

You clearly do not know much about running a website. There are more people writing to me than I can answer, and if I do answer, then I get EVEN MORE QUESTIONS. I’ve been running websites for 20 years and it is physically impossible to keep up with people, especially when everything I do IS FOR FREE FOR YOU!

Does it ever occur to you that I also have to eat? How long have you even been a follower? Have you actually looked at the many hurdles that have been thrown in my path which have seriously derailed my work, and yet I took the financial hits and the problems and came back … not once… but again and again and again? Are you aware of the risks and threats that have come my way? And if my enemies get the better of me, where would YOU BE? Would you be assisting me then?

I’m going to publish your message to me and my reply to you on my websites for others to see.

If you reply to this email I will look at your question.

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