4 White South Africans founded the worlds biggest crypto-currency company


[I was astounded to discover that 4 White guys, at least 3 of which are Afrikaans speaking South Africans, founded the biggest, and fastest growing crypto-currency company on earth. It was bought out by an American company last year and they are expecting that by 2030 it will have a staggering 1 billion customers. I can't offhand find Jewish links. Stranex is British, so maybe there are links there. The Afrikaans guys are: 
Marcus Swanepoel, Carel van Wyk, and Pieter Heyns. There are also links with the Afrikaans guy who ran FNB but is now busy with the first crypto-bank in South Africa. Notice how creative the Whites are – as I have tried to explain to people.


Luno was founded in 2013 by Timothy Stranex, a former software engineer at Google, former investment banker Marcus Swanepoel, Carel van Wyk, and Pieter Heyns.[9] In 2014, Luno completed an SGD $1m (USD $824,000) seed funding round, before raising USD $4m in 2015 through a Series A funding round led by Naspers, with additional funding by the Digital Currency Group and Venturra. [10]

In September 2017, Luno raised a further $9 million in order to introduce its bitcoin wallet, exchange and services in Europe, with additional funding by Rand Merchant Investment Holdings and the Digital Currency Group.[11]

In 2018, Luno won the Tech5 award for the UK’s fastest-growing tech company[12]. In 2019, it announced plans to significantly expand its operations in South Africa.[13]

In October 2020, Luno launched its Bitcoin Savings Wallet.[14]

In December 2020, Luno was one of a number of cryptocurrency platforms to run major promotional campaigns across London[15]–a move that drew criticism from the Financial Conduct Authority. Luno was cited by the Advertising Standards Authority for the adverts and subsequently forced to remove the adverts.[16][17][18][19][20][21]

In March 2021, Luno appointed former Monzo CFO Alwyn Jones as Chief Financial Officer.[22][23][24]

Luno has operations in 40 countries including Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore and 34 other European countries.

Luno reached 4 million users in 2019 and 7 million in 2021.[25][26]

Source: https://en.everybodywiki.com/Luno_(company)

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