4 Pics: The White Race & The Law: The Ten Commandments assessed & Roman Law

[Here is some food for thought for Christians about the Ten Commandments. If there is something that Christians lie about to themselves the most, it is the Ten Commandments. They believe that before the Ten Commandments existed that our race was basically lawless and evil. But if you look at what existed before then, the reality is that our race was very sophisticated, logical and reasonable. In fact, the Ten Commandments added absolutely nothing new that we did not have before.

Furthermore, as always with Christianity, one finds confusion. Just look at some of the contradictions in the Bible itself and its interpretation. Notice also, how close the Protestant view of the ten commandments is, with that of the Jews.

Finally, look at the basic principles of Roman Law, and it will seem extremely familiar to you. The Western “Christian” world’s entire legal system is run on the basis of laws created by White Pagans who were, actually, very logical and fair. Jan]

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