3 Pics: Pregnant White woman (& unborn baby) stabbed to death in bed on beach holiday in South Africa

[Here's a shocking story from Sky news. Nasty stuff. Welcome to Liberal heaven … multiracial South Africa where the Liberals, Jews and FW De Klerk said … everything would be Ok. NOT! Jan]

Karen Turner was murdered as she slept next to her husband, who was also knifed repeatedly, and their two-year-old son.

A pregnant woman was stabbed to death in her bed as she slept alongside her husband and toddler son at a luxury resort in South Africa.

Karen Turner was killed a day after celebrating her 31st birthday, and her husband Matthew, 33, was knifed several times in the frenzied attack at around 3am on Tuesday.

Two men armed with knives broke into the family’s self-contained chalet overlooking the beach at the Hluleka Nature Reserve on the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape.

Ms Turner, a primary school teacher from Underberg, died almost instantly, police said. The couple’s unborn child also died.

Mr Turner survived the attack and was flown to nearby Pietermaritzburg, where he underwent surgery. The couple’s son Hayden was unharmed.

He remains in hospital with severe upper-body injuries, police said.

Police spokeswoman Captain Dineo Koena was quoted by local reports as saying that friends of the couple who were staying at a chalet next door awoke to “shouting and a struggle”.

The friends went to check on the couple to discover a horrific scene.

Capt Koena told News24: “The husband opened the door and he was bleeding. The wife was dead on her back.

“The husband was rushed to hospital in Mthatha in a stable condition. The baby is with their neighbour.”

Capt Koena added that there were no signs of forced entry, but everything inside the lodge was upside down.

“It was not like a robbery because no valuables were taken,” she added.

The motive for the attack remains unclear and there have been no arrests. However, police said they had identified one of two suspects.

The young family had been staying at the luxury resort to celebrate Ms Turner’s birthday.

The couple had been married since July 2017 and have a farm in the town of Underberg in South Africa.

Ms Turner’s older brother told News24: “Matthew’s recollection was that he was woken up by being stabbed in the stomach by a guy on his side of the bed and there was another chap stabbing my sister.

“He said he managed to sort of grab the guy and there was a tussle down the stairs.”

Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency CEO Vuyani Dayimani, which manages the resort, said: “The two guests were booked in from Monday to Thursday and police were called after a stabbing incident. The police have confirmed one visitor passed away and another is in hospital.”

The attack comes just days ahead of Prince Harry is due to visit South Africa with his wife Meghan and son Archie for a 10-day trip.

Source: https://news.sky.com/story/pregnant-woman-stabbed-to-death-in-bed-on-beach-holiday-in-south-africa-11813633

9 thoughts on “3 Pics: Pregnant White woman (& unborn baby) stabbed to death in bed on beach holiday in South Africa

  • 23rd Sep 2019 at 9:40 am

    Apart from the Royals contribution to affirmative action , it strikes me that if this couple could be risking their sick leave and under the circumstances , that their monthly life insurance debit orders as well as their respective wills are up to date .



  • 22nd Sep 2019 at 2:22 am

    I cannot take this anymore. I expatriated to Japan and had to get out. I am sorry to say this but South Africa is now run by feral apes/animals. How can one draw any other conclusion after something so awful occurs and the reaction of those who should be responsible for human safety in South Africa

    • 22nd Sep 2019 at 2:24 am

      Thanks for your comments Dave. I’ve said it many times, that the only way forward for the Western world and even South Africa is: WHITE MEN WITH GUNS!

      • 22nd Sep 2019 at 3:11 am

        U.S. citizens have the constitutional Right to defend themselves, families, and property, against attack and are armed to do so. U.S. citizens do not have the Right use to arms to intentionally cause harm, except perhaps in defense. The 1788 U.S. Constitution traded the cartridge box for the ballot box to prevent another armed Revolution. The U.S. government cannot be corrected with arms, and the Constitution cannot survive an armed revolt.

        The constitutional ballot box elect only Representatives of the House in Congress every two years. For over one hundred years citizens have reelected a majority of the House every two years. The House is the most powerful branch of the Federal government; the House has the power of the purse and can defund federal crimes and unconstitutionality. Americans are a minority and are being out voted. The U.S. citizens must be educated.

        U.S. citizens, particularly Christians, support U.S. unconstitutional foreign wars and also support Congress unconstitutionally funding and arming Israel. Israel committed the crime of treason against the U.S. by attacking the USS Liberty in 1967.

  • 22nd Sep 2019 at 12:20 am

    “The people of every country are the only safe guardians of their
    own rights, and are the only instruments which can be used for
    their destruction. And certainly they would never consent to be so
    used were they not deceived. To avoid this they should be
    instructed to a certain degree.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Wyche,

    • 23rd Sep 2019 at 7:56 am

      Allan Douglas , there seems to be a global attempt at inversion .

      Replacement of traditions like The British with swiftly replicating Muslims will cause a culture overhaul in the UK within 20 years .
      In the USA , Whites are being inflicted with , if not accosted , with guilt complexes for being white . All these culture and truth inversions were honed and perfected by the seeds from Stalins 1924 potting soil .

      The Berlin wall crash of 1989 was a false flag in which the KGB simply re invented themselves .
      The rise of Mugabe (after Bishop Muzorewa was defeated) , unbanning of the ANC/SACP alliance a year later in RSA are all interlocking pieces of the same puzzle .

      This puzzle is the blueprint now being applied globally , by the George Soros foundation , and as stated elsewhere on these threads , Soros was identified by Scots raised , Paki , Michael Black , a noted intel and satanism analyst .

      When thinking of the matter , it is not rocket science that any perversion of tradition , creates a new/altered society . Thusly , it can no longer be a secret , that with an altered society , there will be little opposition by traditionalists , to a New World Order as proposed by The Soros Foundation and the many faceted tentacles right within our societies today .

      • 23rd Sep 2019 at 5:52 pm

        The people are deceived, as Jefferson’s quote indicated. ….. U.S. citizens Rights are defended in court by citizen Jurors and defended against “laws”, unconstitutional, unjust, and unjust application of law.

        U.S. citizen have Powers with which are properly used to correct government, peacefully and with impunity, and are written in two Articles of the ratified 1788 U.S. Constitution.

        U.S. citizen’s Rights have no power to force government compliance. U.S. citizens are constitutionally ignorant and must be educated.

        How about citizens of your country, do they have written documentation of their Rights and Powers in government?


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