2005: S.Africa: Another Boeremag? An new White Arms cache?

[Another Blast from the Past. I will explain the Military museum issue in a separate story. The Black Government was hunting for, and disabling, any weapon they could find that Whites might get hold of!!! Jan] [This is fascinating… an arms cache built up by White Police officers? This is an interesting story… hot on the heels of the supposed arms cache at the S.African Military museum… Mind you… I wonder why they haven’t raided the Voortrekker monument in Pretoria yet? That’s another Boer arms cache and vehicles for the transport of troops: Namely muskets and oxwagons from the time of the battle of Blood River… You never know… The Whites… armed with 6 old armoured cars (from the Military museum)… and a bunch of muskets, while riding on oxwagons… might just take over South Africa!!!

Actually… I don’t know what to make of this story… It sounds as if they do have something real in this case.. and this will be well worth watching…

Take note that Robert McBride, mentioned here, who is heading this investigation is none other than a convicted communist terrorist himself. I have photos of him and a short mention of him at this link:

I referred to him as Robert McBride: The Terrorist Police Chief.


Johannesburg – Several metro police and traffic officers on the East Rand are to be arrested soon on charges of illegal possession of explosives and firearms.

This was confirmed on Thursday by East Rand metro police chief Robert McBride, when approached by Beeld.

The involvement of metro and traffic police with a network that concentrated on the hoarding of explosives and firearms was exposed after a “routine investigation” last Friday.

McBride said: “During the routine investigation, certain illegal items were found. This gave rise to a full-scale investigation.”

Asked about the nature of the “illegal items” he said the investigation was not yet complete.

However, he did confirm the “illegal items concerned explosives and firearms”.

A cloak of secrecy

The investigation was undertaken under a cloak of secrecy as the investigation team did not want to alert the suspects that police were on their tracks.

McBride confirmed that several Ekurhurleni metro police would be arrested soon.

Everybody involved in the investigation kept mum on Thursday about why the suspects were hoarding explosives and firearms.

A police source said: “Allegations that a second type of ‘Boeremag’ is operating here, or that it is a syndicate dealing in explosives and firearms, are mere speculation at this stage.”

The police investigation concentrated on people, buildings and homes in Boksburg.

Edited by Iaine Harper

Source: News24.Com
URL: http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/New

Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=104679

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