South African Election 2024: My Prediction for the next 5 Years: Blacks will dump the ANC and vote for Zuma


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On 30th April, 2024, I was due to get on a plane to the USA. This is a short video about my bizarre experience that day.

Here’s my prediction for South Africa for the next 5 years until the next election takes place: The *FASTEST* growing political party in SA will be Zuma’s MK party. Blacks will abandon the ANC in droves. By the next election the ANC will be maybe half of what it is now, or maybe even less. Zuma the Communist Zulu will be back with a vengeance. The Jewish/Liberal victory will not last. Nor is this good for Whites. There is NO PLACE FOR WHITES, especially BOERS in South Africa. No place for Boers. None. The Jews and the Rich are just whoring around in this country, pretending Whites, especially Boers, don’t exist. The BLACKS did not vote for the DA. The Blacks hate the Jewish owned DA. They will abandon it in droves – by the millions. You’ll see how fast this will change.

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