S.Africa: How Efficient are White Countries compared to Black Countries? Answer: 14:1 or 8:1


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Here is a very simple analysis. It is based on a rather straightforward problem. It has to do with electricity inefficiency.

The nation is the same, the geography is the same, and the Blacks even have the advantage of inheriting a functioning country with existing infrastructure. However, in a recent article about our electricity problems they point out the following:

Between 1961 and 1991, Eskom completed 14 new power stations with an installed capacity of 35,804MW.

Over the next 30 years, between 1991 and 2021, Eskom only completed one new power station, Majuba, with an installed capacity of 4,110MW.

So in a nutshell, under White rule, over 30 years, Whites built 14 power stations. Under Black rule, over 30 years, (despite inheriting a bigger and more sophisticated country than the Whites had), they only built 1.

If you compare the electrical output of what the Blacks had built versus what the Whites had built, the ratio is 8.7:1.

But the Blacks still have the advantage of using far superior science and technology, at the time they built theirs. There are also unfinished and failed projects run by the Blacks.

But another thing to keep in mind is the role Whites played in the building of the new powerstation under Black rule.

I think as a simple analysis we can say that a White run state is at least 8 times more efficient than the same sized Black state, but, possibly, even more efficient than that. The 14:1 ratio might not be that far off the actual mark.

I am always looking into these ratios because these ratios are CRITICAL for White survival.

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