JEWS AND BLACKS: S.Africa: JEW Tony Leon says this is a condition that could make the DA leave the GNU


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[The Love fest between the Jewish DA and the Black Communists of the ANC is still a bit rocky. The Jews, (DA), want some kind of POWER, in this arrangement of the GNU (Government of National Unity). So they are threatening to walk out. I think this is theatrics and that the Jews and Blacks need each other. Let's see how this useless setup works. Jan]

The Democratic Alliance’s former leader and its Government of National Unity’s negotiator, Tony Leon, said the DA could exit the GNU
He said that if the ministers are not allowed to exercise their authority in their cabinet positions, the party can step away from the GNU
South Africans supported this, and some opined that the DA should exit the GNU and make way for the Economic Freedom Fighters and the MK Party
Tebogo Mokwena, a Briefly News current affairs journalist in Johannesburg, South Africa, has covered policy changes, the State of the Nation Address, politician-related news and elections at Daily Sun and Vutivi Business News for over seven years.

Tony Leon said the DA should leave the GNU if its cabinet ministers do not get the authority to do their work. Images: Gianluigi Guercia/AFP via Getty Images and Chris McGrath/Getty Image Source: Getty Images
Tony Leon said the DA should leave the GNU if its cabinet ministers do not get the authority to do their work.

JOHANNESBURG— Tony Leon, the Democratic Alliance’s former leader and the chief negotiator during the Government of National Unity talks, said the party could leave the GNU if the DA ministers are not given leeway to exercise their power.

DA can leave the GNU: Leon

TimesLIVE reported that Leon said the DA should step out of the GNU if it cannot exercise its writ and the ministers are glorified mannequins. Leon also said he did not wish for the DA to exit the GNU after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced his cabinet.

Tensions between the DA and the African National Congress in the buildup to the cabinet announcement were revealed in leaked documents during the negotiations. In one leaked letter, President Cyril Ramaphosa slammed the DA’s leader, John Steenhuisen and the party for demanding more ministerial positions than agreed upon.

South Africans want DA out of GNU

Netizens on Facebook encouraged the DA to exit the Government of National Unity.

Phemelo Kungwane said:

”That will be the greatest thing to happen. There is the MK and EFF.”
Thembani Genu said:

”They better do it now because the ANC unions are threatening against that full authority.”
Mazula Segapo said:

”You can leave. Your replacement will be EFF and MK.”
Zukisani Mkunqwana said:

”Hot air! That will make way for the MK and EFF.”
Aubrey Vukeya said:

”In a marriage, you are allowed to divorce at any time if you are not happy.”

Gauteng COGTA MEC Lebogang Maile slams the DA’s attitude during negotiations

Similarly, Briefly News reported that Gauteng’s MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Lebogang Maile, slammed the DA.

He called them spoiled brats and accused them of trying to dictate negotiations for a government of provincial unity in Gauteng.


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