BEWARD OF JEWISH SOPHISTRY: One of their most dangerous tactics: Where the Weak argument defeats the Strong one

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Sophistry is something I mentioned in The Great Jewish Masque. But I’ve seen it in action, face to face … and as I’ve been reading about many things, I must tell you that sophistry is a very dangerous thing.

The ancient Greek sophists were ones who specialised in making the weak argument appear to be the stronger (and logical) winner in a logical debate. Sophistry is the misuse of words whereby an illogical argument is made to appear logical. In this way, an argument that has no merit whatsoever, can be made to appear to be right and logical.

Jews lie by omission, but they also lie by verbally twisting meanings and words. Sophistry is something that will fool the MAJORITY of Whites who won’t even think twice about it. If you aren’t wide awake, they will slip some sophist argument right under your nose and you won’t even notice it.

This is very dangerous, and Whites and even the world, can easily be fooled by these experienced liars and tricksters.

I can’t emphasise enough what a danger I see sophistry as being.

WORDS! WORDS! BEWARE OF WORDS! They are more dangerous than an AK47!!!

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