Apartheid & the AWB: The Jewish Parasite’s ability to suppress the White Race’s NATURAL DEFENSE MECHANISM


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Video & Audio: What Jews tell each other in Private: Jewish Racism and Jewish Supremacism
We take a look at some pieces of video footage where Jews talk and we hear exactly what they say, and how they act when they are together. Over many centuries in Europe, Whites confronted Jews many times and asked them questions about what they really believe or think or say. Jews denied certain things. But in this video we look at some actual film footage and analyse it.

When I look at the White right, at racialism, at NAZISM, at Fascism or Apartheid or even Conservatism, I see this as the NATURAL ANIMAL DEFENSE MECHANISM OF WHITES. When Whites are gathering together in GROUPS and discussing and organising in a political, cultural or militia way, Whites are merely PROTECTING THEMSELVES. It’s nothing more than that.

It is natural, it is human, it is even a natural animal behaviour. You see herd animals doing it against predators.

But our EXTREMELY PRACTISED PARASITES, the Jews, are able to pull off feats that are insane in their levels of efficiency. If you look at animals for example, you’ll find various parasites that can even control the brain of the animal they have captured. They can turn the animal into a zombie by messing with it’s brains. In our case, as a race, the Jews do that TO A SHOCKING DEGREE.

And SHOCKING DEGREE is the key concept here. The level to which Jews control our minds is so bad that it threatens our physical existence and security and yet we think nothing of it.

The Jewish parasite even manages to convince the MAJORITY OF WHITES that when we defend ourselves, and our society and our group that it is EVIL. And, all you have to look at is for how many decades, mostly since WW2, Whites EVERYWHERE have been LOSING whenever they try to organise to DEFEND THEMSELVES.

And of course the Jewish parasite, upon winning, merely moves forward to damage, destroy and take ever more control, while moving to ever greater levels of control of us. The Jewish parasite never stops. Upon destroying one level of defense, the Jewish parasite moves forward and attacks us further. It smashes through the next level of defense and thereafter the next level and so on. Go and look at how Jews have taken the USA and the Western world and made society ever more insane to the point where even very simple topics like whether there are 2 genders … are positions we are losing on.

I would say that we’re reaching a point where if we don’t resist the Jewish parasite that we could be heading for a "terminal outcome" for ourselves. i.e. THE END.

It’s just beyond crazy the things we surrender on and lose on.

My own view of the matter is that this is only happening because WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN FAR TOO GOOD AND COMPROMISING TO OUR PARASITES. Our parasites have been evicted so many hundreds and perhaps even thousands of times but we let them back in. Our parasites KNOW US TOO WELL.

Due to their excellent knowledge of our minds … they are able to come back and launch newer invasions which are better. They are refining and improving their tactics against us, BECAUSE WE’VE BEEN TOO KIND TO THEM AND GIVEN THEM NEW ACCESS TO OURSELVES! They are like serial criminals. They don’t stop doing their crimes … they live and survive their crimes unscathed and they start all over again, fully armed with all the additional knowledge they have gained.

They are like serial criminals who don’t even go to jail but are immediately set free and then carry on with their crimes as usual. Thus THEY ARE BECOMING MORE EFFECTIVE AND DANGEROUS.

We are suffering so much and struggling so much trying to get free because they know us too well. They have learned all the tricks at suppressing "our natural immune system" which is RACIAL UNITY.

That we even tolerate this stuff should show you how insane our situation is.

If we were an animal invaded by parasites, we might be terminal … a zombie that has been incapacitated which the parasites will lay eggs in and it’s offspring will eat us from the inside out and we will die during this process. Then it’s offspring will fly off and find it’s next victim.

I think that organising and defending ourselves AS A GROUP is nothing more than a NATURAL ANIMAL RESPONSE that you see ALL ACROSS THE ANIMAL KINGDOM EVERY DAY. Yet, for us, it is some kind of "crime" to do it. We should not even TOLERATE anyone who tells us we are WRONG to want to stick together. There is nothing wrong with what we’re doing. And it’s utter rubbish to call Hitler and the NAZIS out for doing what they did.

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