Why Whites should remain separate from Jews & Blacks – My Comments from Africa

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[Some Americans were discussing violence against whites in the USA. The one man commented about the need for whites to remain separate. I added some comments of my own. Jan]

I can confirm from living in Rhodesia and South Africa that the nature of the other races never changes. In fact, when given POWER they do even more things that whites don’t like. Whites find themselves living in a state where almost everything goes AGAINST WHAT THEY WANT and they get ever more irritated … but having lost political/military power they are unable to stop things.

Though … secretly in South Africa … whites, especially Afrikaans ones … do have some measure of “influence” in various ways … and that’s the only means by which things do not totally collapse.

Furthermore, being small compared to the USA and Western Powers, they too have some measure of influence over the radical blacks to try to moderate them.

When the USA and other Western nations go down, there will be no higher powers to moderate. But that’s not all bad either. Race war, may actually be preferable to political actions. I’m a big believer that race WAR is BETTER … in the long run.

Richard wrote:-

This is why you remain a separate people, that means no Negroes and no Jews (not even so called nice ones). Negroes are gonna be Negroes and Jews are always gonna be Jews (and Negroes


  • 2 days ago • editedHad it been a pack of feral whites attacking a black man, it would have been a “hate” crime from the get go and the news story would have repeatedly pointed out the race of the attackers and the race of the victim. ….But…….
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      yup Lance1234a day ago • editedAccording to liberal democrats.
      White on black crimes = hate crime
      Black on white crimes = just a crime

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        poetcomic1 yupa day ago • editedBlack on white crime…NOTHING. A young black male here in St. Louis brutally stabbed to death two lovely young white women who lived in a ‘rehab South St. Louis neighborhood. He said he did it because ‘they did not make him feel welcome’. Think about that for a moment as a motivation. The St. Louis media hung wreaths of garlic around their collective necks and drove a stake through THAT story. It is beyond belief how this passed ‘under even the local radar’ it was so racist, vicious and really really gory. But ‘they’ would rather you not think about THAT.

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