Why (Whites especially) must study History … my answer to a friend who says: History has no value

I often have a debate with a friend who claims to be scientific, who then also says to me: Science is useful because you can build things with it, but history has no use. So this was my answer: You’re wrong about History. You build nations based on history and the lessons of history. ALL STATES WITHOUT EXCEPTION ARE BASED ON HISTORY. Legal systems, governing systems … its all out of history. History is the single most important subject for when you build a nation. EVERYTHING in it is based on history. EVERYTHING. The form of government, the legal system, police system, military … EVERYTHING. The law system for South Africa is “Roman Dutch Law”. We are using part of a legal system invented by the Romans. Democracy is ancient Greek and Roman. (But they did it better). The way ALL the armies of the world operate is based on the Roman Army. Without history you cannot build a country or empire successfully.

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