Why Bitcoin and Crypto is here to stay – How the Super Rich are going to STEAL the Etherium Market!


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For those of you who have an interest in Bitcoin and Crypto. Keep watching HistoryReviewed. I’m doing my own analysis. Quite a long time ago I did tell people that in 2022 we would be heading downhill and that the peak for Bitcoin would be in 2021. Some people are freaking out over the collapse of the Bitcoin/Crypto prices. This is VERY NORMAL. I’ve been studying this for more than a year intensively, and Bitcoin/crypto run in 4 year cycles. We’re in a Bear market. This was coming. It is no surprise. By the end of the year prices will be low, and people will be depressed and that will be an excellent time to begin buying crypto and Bitcoin. Within 3 years, you’ll see them flying again.

I just posted this chart and short discussion on money. In that chart, it shows how people feel about Crypto in 2022 versus 2020: http://historyreviewed.best/index.php/chart-2022-bitcoin-and-crypto-are-more-popular-than-ever-despite-the-market-crashes/

All money is based on trust – even gold. Crypto is here to stay.

I often post stories from a White lady who clearly worked on Wall St for decades. In some of her stories she gives information which shows the extent to which markets are being manipulated.

I’ve reached the conclusion that Gold and Silver prices are so manipulated and that is why people are not getting the tremendous returns they should be getting.

But crypto is not yet as controlled as that. Though, more and more controls and interference are coming. The biggest move they’ve made to destroy crypto is by forcing Etherium to change from "Proof of Work" to "Proof of Stake". This will allow the RICH to dominate Etherium, whereas, Proof of Work, allowed vast numbers of common Whites including young Whites to make money from "mining" using PCs. They’re taking Mining away on the bogus excuse that it uses "energy". Meanwhile, Proof of Stake will allow the rich and super rich to now totally corner the Ethereum market with money alone. And the little guys will totally lose out. This is happening to Etherium, the 2nd biggest crypto currency.

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