Who are the Boers? – More Enemy psyops to divide Boers? – The Cape Rebels who fought the British – Errors in Boer History …

[I had posted the original link from a Boer who sent me his rather weird views on who we are. Another Boer made these points about the errors therein. Other Boers have also been saying to me that they think there are psyops going on aimed at dividing the Boers. There's some good history in here, including mention of the Cape Rebels as well as the Jewish Oppenheimers. Jan]

Here is what the other Boer wrote:-

I read the post at https://africancrisis.info/index.php/white-confusion-boer-confusion-the-insane-problem-of-what-is-a-boer-and-boer-internal-disputes/ and I’m afraid it contains many untruths. I suspect that these kinds of lies about history are invented by intelligence services to confuse whites. The two big untruths in the post are that Boers are not whites and that the Free Burghers and the Boers of the old Boer republics were not Christians. Most of them were indeed very pious Christians and many of these same Christians were subject to one of our biggest weaknesses namely using "cheap" black labor on their farms and households. President Kruger was even notorious for being a devout "Dopper". The Doppers were members of one of the three Calvinist Afrikaans "driesuster" churches – the Gereformeerde Kerk. This church even proclaims that dancing is a sin! The French forefathers of the Boers were Protestants who fled from Europe because of persecution by the Roman Catholics, not because they were not Christians. Emperor Constantine was probably a pagan sun worshiper when he asked the bishops to decide at the Council of Nicea what the official nature of Jesus should be. Constantine used Christianity in an opportunistic fashion to try to unite the peoples of his empire. Christianity was declared the state religion of Rome much later than Constantine’s reign. The differences between the three main Afrikaans churches caused a lot of confusion and strife between our Boer forefathers and unfortunately this "Boer vs. Afrikaner" debate does the same. The "Boer" conveniently doesn’t mention the white Cape Rebels who fought heroically on the side of the Boers. Prime Minister Verwoerd had his faults and weaknesses – he was an ardent Calvinist, but the fact remains that the Jews got rid of him because he gave the Oppenheimers such a hard time. He asked Prof. Hoek to investigate the power and influence of the Anglo American Corporation. Harry Oppenheimer’s big buddy John Vorster refused to inform the whites about the contents of this report. I recently read a very insightful book about the Oppenheimers that was published – with the approval of Anglo American, in the early 1970’s. The book is "Oppenheimer and son". After reading it I realized that these businessmen determined the destiny of this country by infiltrating the old Broederbond and National Party. Because of this influence the biggest Afrikaans church, the Dutch Reformed Church, decided in 1986 that Apartheid was sinful and unbiblical. Many of the church members were hesitant to vote for parties such as the HNP and CP and this made it easier for FW and his cronies to hand the country on a silver plate to the blacks.

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