Whites: Think differently about the future – Think: Excellence & Ambition…

Whenever I talk to Whites, I see that everyone is always thinking about life and the future in terms of "the average" person. That’s the wrong way to think. You must think in terms of EXCELLENCE. Think in terms of achievement and ambition. We must look at being the best we can be and look at how we were EXCELLENT at various times in the past and how we can be EXCELLENT again.

There is no reason why we can’t be totally excellent and fantastic in the future.

Get away from the drab world of the ordinary. Think in terms of unity, working together, organising better and aiming for EXCELLENCE. That is what we can do.

And Whites in South Africa, do the same when thinking of our survival and future.

Don’t think of normal, boring, mediocrity … think of aiming high, aiming big AS A GROUP.

We’ve done these things before, WE CAN DO THEM AGAIN!

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