Whites are stupid enough to FEED the ENEMY that is trying to genocide them!

[When I published the story about the 3 million Blacks in Zimbabwe who will need food aid, yet again, for the umpteenth time in 2022, one of my American readers sent the comments below. I was telling some Americans I know that these Blacks, who have voted for and supported a Black Communist Party from the beginning, have been bailed out from starvation many times AFTER they had destroyed the 5,000 White Farmers in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe the leader then hated Whites, and what is less well known is that he even tried to start a White-Black Race war in South Africa. Mugabe and Julius Malema were very close. Malema is the Black in South Africa who is big buddies with the Jews here who has said many times the Whites need to be genocided here. What irks me intensely is the way these Blacks who want to kill us are being helped by Jews and Liberals in the West. The Blacks of Zimbabwe were saved from starvation many times by the USA and the UN. Plane loads of food are flown directly to Zimbabwe. And here we see, that in 2022, that 3 million of them need food again. But these are the same Blacks who either stood by, or participated in the destruction of the White Farmers who remained in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). Jan]

This is what my American supporter wrote to me:

Will Whites be stupid enough to feed the enemy trying to genocide them?
Y E S, Whites are that stupid. The jew will take the food from productive Whites and
feed it to the Blacks they use against the Whites. Whites have been
JEWIZED, they will do anything for a phony jew worthless dollar.

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