Whites are responsible for Africa’s Black population explosion – Will Africa be a retarded, degraded Asia?

When I travel around here in Johannesburg, etc and I look at Africa, the future of Africa appears to be like Asia. Before Whites came, the Black population was much lower. HOWEVER, European colonialism, White rule, White doctors, Christian missionaries with medicine and White organisation and general White compassion really changed all that.

Despite all the whining, shrieking and crying, the Black population MEGA-EXPLOSION, is a White race created thing. These unhappy, ungrateful people who curse us, would never have had such a population WERE IT NOT DIRECTLY FOR THE EFFORTS OF THE WHITE RACE. We ourselves never even benefited to the same degree. It is ironic that we never thought of spending ALL OUR EFFORT ON INCREASING OUR POPULATION … WHICH WE SHOULD BE DOING.

When I look at Africa in general, its future is going to be like Asia, but MUCH MORE DYSFUNCTIONAL. The super-population explosion of the Blacks in Africa IS A THREAT TO NATURE actually. And the whole thing has barely started. It is going to get much worse.

Jews and billionaires and assorted rich shit are actually helping these dysfunctional blacks to grow in number even though they can’t feed themselves and they are destroying the flora and fauna of Africa.

We will be living in a type of super-dysfunctional Asia.

I wish the White race would stop being compassionate.

We Whites are making many enormous errors that are killing ourselves while everyone else benefits.

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