When the Blacks tried to overrun & genocide the Portuguese in Angola…

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my videos about the black attempts to genocide the Portuguese in Angola. Don’t miss it. I’ll be producing at least 2 videos on it. It shows the potential of whites in impromptu militias fighting in a race war. This is the wildest race war of modern times. Lots of very valid lessons for whites who want white ethnostates and who are willing to fight blacks, even when severely outnumbered.

The first video will be about 4.5 hours long. Filled with details of how the blacks planned a mass slaughter of whites & how the whites survived massive surprise attacks. The manner in which the Portuguese men, the vast majority of them civilians, responded to the fighting is extremely instructive. They faced a mass Black Blitzkrieg where blacks killed EVERYONE in their paths including thousands of black traitors. There are plenty of lessons for white males in militias. We can win everywhere.

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