What was the Boer’s BIGGEST mistake when settling in Africa? … What a Boer Lady wrote to me…

[Here, in her own words, is what a Boer lady wrote directly to me today. Her conclusion will shock you, and she's NOT the only Boer or White in South Africa who has said this to me. But here it is, in her own words – from a CHRISTIAN lady! Jan]

We had a discussion today on how the English violated our land. Killed EVERYTHING that could be killed and put all the women and children in camps and the men sent to prisons on islands.
I can’t remember the British reporter’s name that said he did not see any homesteads left standing or burnt down.

The other person then said it was the right way to have done it as war is fought like that. You go in and you clear out 100%. Everything.

It started me thinking. The Boer – if they had that mentality when they set foot on this continent, everything would have been so much different.

We are a hundred years too late.
Now we need new strategies.
Or a miracle.

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