What is the Jewish motivation for crashing economies?


A reader left me this comment: The one thing about this that puzzles me is, why would (((they))) deliberately crash the economy? It’s their main plaything, the source of their power. Was it going to crash anyway and they are using this “crisis” as a scapegoat?

My Reply:
It is extremely hard to guess why (((they)) (the Jews) would do this. All I can say from my analysis is that I see this:-

Fake excuse/reason + Totally bogus solution = Massive real crisis

I’ve observed this process in the past, especially when watching communists in Africa who were educated by (((whites))). Often, the situation is clear enough that one can perceive the direct benefits that would accrue from this.

But in a global world, with many different things happening, it is hard to explain WHY. So first and foremost, I think one should focus on the bogus solution and the real crisis this is creating.

I think with time, we will acquire more info in order to understand why the Jews did this. It may be SEVERAL REASONS. KEEP IN MIND: JEWS ALWAYS OPERATE AT A VERY HIGH LEVEL. THEY HAVE ACCESS TO GOVTS, PRESIDENTS AND HIGH INFORMATION LOTS OF WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO. They will also perceive their strengths and weaknesses and our strengths and weaknesses different to what we do. There may be many reasons.

It’s almost like when a nation declares war. There are normally many reasons that flow into a certain line of thinking and then the action is: DECLARE WAR. In certain respects I see the Jewish actions as eithe: “Super Rich on Strike” or “Super Rich declare war on the West” or “Super Rich declare war on common whites for their antisemitism”. (e.g. punish them by depriving them of their income – give them new problems to divert their attention away from Jews). And let me thus add another reason for Corona might simply be: DIVERT THE WORLD’S ATTENTION AWAY FROM JEWS! Now the world has another problem and the problem is NOT JEWS. Or, it could be all of the above, and more: e.g. Super Rich will come in and move into markets where businesses are shattered.

I do think, “antisemitism” (aka THE TRUTH) is one of the key factors in this. Because its growing everywhere. And that bothers Jews. Jews have a very effective strategy normally in diverting attention away from them.

As time goes by we will see more things coming out.

There is something from the World Jewish Congress, that I spotted a time ago, that might also explain what the Jews are doing. I’ll get the video. Jews are sneaky, cowardly low-lifes who knife you in the back, while crying out in pain. They’re a race of scum and you cannot take them at face value.

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