Was Abraham in the Bible Jewish or Aryan (White)?


[Here is a short, frank, interchange between some Whites, which hit the nail on the head. It doesn't matter whether Abraham was a real person or not. Just look at his weird behaviour. In what way was Abraham behaving like a White person would? See the answer below. Jan]

A European man wrote:
The most grotesque thing about these delusions of the Kosher Christians is that Abraham, the very progenitor of the whole chimerical shack of the Bible, has, VERY likely, never existed in historical reality. This is affirmed by Israeli archeologists themselves, such as, for example, Israel Finkelstein, professor emeritus of Archeology at Tel Aviv University.

An American lady Christian wrote this:
Just for argument’s sake, let’s say Abraham never existed. It doesn’t really matter though, because the way he is described in the bible is clearly indicative of JEWISH heritage – not Aryan. Even if he’s a total fiction, he’s clearly a fiction of the Jewish mind.

An American man wrote:
Absolutely YES. Pimp of his wife (and teacher of his son on the subject), liar, whiner, traitor, exploiter, thief, filthy. 100% Jewish.

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