WARNING: WARNING: The COVID Vaccine might sterilize young people!

[A long time American pal of mine who was a Vietnam Veteran sent me this note. This is very nasty. Sterilization … WTF!?!?!? That's a recipe for GENOCIDE. Jan]

My long time buddy Kent (US Navy Veteran) sat with this nurse at a bar/grill near him today, August 14, 2021. I asked him to write down what the chat with the lady was about and send it to me. Here is what he wrote:

Per the conversation I had with a traveling nurse that was currently working in Georgia (at a VA Hospital).

Here is my recollection of our conversation.

I asked her if she had received the Covid shot and she said ‘no’ and she will never receive that poison.

She said she had five patients recently that received the shot, four of them came down with Cardiac issues almost immediately.

She has watched people with bilateral seizures after the shot, massive vaginal bleeding, out and out death, blood clots, and when I asked if the vaxxx aids in sterilization of young people she said ‘most definitely’.

She has also seen heart valves completely collapse following an individual getting the shot.

She told me do not ever get that shot!

She agreed with the doctor recently at an Indiana Townhall meeting and she said using vitamin D, zinc and Ivermectin is absolutely correct, and the words that that doctor spoke were accurate.

She stated that she is around Covid patients all the time and her immune system is more than adequately fighting off any virus or illness.

NOTE: Indiana Doctor Destroys CDC Covid Narrative at School Board Meetinghttps://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/08/11/indiana-doctor-destroys-cdc-covid-narrative-at-school-board-meeting/

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