Video: Top Jewish Organisation behind Draconian Hate Speech Law In South Africa


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Dr Peter Hammond unleashes explosive information in this interview I had with him this week. He explains how he & other Christians were present when the Govt held consultations regarding the draconian hate speech laws. The deputy Minister told them that the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and an LGBT organisation were behind these horrific laws. Dr Hammond also tells of his experiences in holocaust museums in the USA. EVERY CHRISTIAN must listen to Dr Hammond and his mind-blowing exposes! These will rock you! Dr Peter Hammond also comes from Rhodesia.

All Dr Peter Hammond’s contact details are here, including his 2 websites with many books. (He’s written stacks of books). Everything is here:

8 thoughts on “Video: Top Jewish Organisation behind Draconian Hate Speech Law In South Africa

  • 7th Jan 2020 at 2:59 pm

    Jan you ask Peter Hammond if the Law is the only defence against the Jews.
    No more Jewish baking at Intrest.
    No more inheritance tax.
    No more disposesson form the land.
    No more mulit cultural chaos.
    No more two Laws. Ie rabbinic court and Shariah
    No mor Khosher tax and Hallal tax
    No more hetero phobia.
    No more liberal.
    The Law is gods and they are the perveiors of GOOD and Evil.
    Torah Good Talus is evil.
    No more Kings and Wars not more big goverment.
    No more wars for the Jews..
    They do not enter your assemblies nor do their wealthy (stolen bankster monies) lobby groups AIPAC influence your elections and your God given rights.
    2 or 3 witnesses trump a Jury because they are Christians.
    No more
    Noahide Rabbinic lies death to all that change Torah.
    No ceremonial and Ritual Laws for Jesus was our divine and unblemished perfect sacrifice.
    No more Jewish amendment to our constitutions and Laws for God is the Law giver of note.
    Forgeigners will enjoy protection but mass immigration will be put to boot ijn the direction of Jerusalem.
    Make no covenant with the enemy that means BDS. No sales contracts and they must work by their own sweat of their brow.
    GOD no longer recognizes Israel as a Kingdom so no SYnagoges.,Peroid.
    God our Great national socialiest diety that embraces our families and tribes and nations give us theine Law to smite the Serpent seed. Forever Christians we are under no Law. No more anti missionaries. Jew for Jesus or Social services sponsored Jews.
    You are with us an respect our God Law and culture or you go to your stolenland and leave our inhertance at the doors. No more Jew owned and stole Microsoft or Face book or Apple. Adl is for the Nurenburg trials no Justice Just US
    Bkker TOV Jew semen
    Thank God Jesus for our remedy just in time.

  • 27th Nov 2019 at 8:36 am

    yes no one would call him the Christ for fear of the Jews. Draconian hate speech is their modus operandi. They set up a consortium of nations, then league of nations then the United nations. The “godfather of Zionism”, Theodore Herzl, was not shy about admitting that the Jews do indeed possess the necessary power to bring about world wars and revolutions, stating: “The wealthy Jews control the world…In their hands lies the fate of government and nations. They (the Jews) set governments one against the other and by their decree governments make peace. When the wealthy Jews play, the nations and the rulers dance.
    They are now so sure they rule the nations that they expose themselves openly. They think they are gods creating ex nihilo fiat currency. Replacing the wrath of God with Bolshevik and Zionist agendas. One problem the closer they get to their earthly pseudo Zion Kingdom the more we see they are pure evil without love of man. Paul the apostle said they are the enemy of all mankind. Demand of your preacher minister pastor or priest to tell you the truth about the Jews as is so articulatley revealed both in the OLD and New Testaments. Yes folks before antisemitisim and neo nazi ideology existed there was the revealed word of God and it hides nothing from us. Arise Oh sleepers and walk. Fear no man only God He never sleeps and is allowing the Jews to hang themselves by their own stupidity.
    When God founded a country it is agrarian filled with boere who will not give up there inheritance. The children were garanteed by God the land there forebares had conquered. A few good boere can hold the might of subverted Jewish/British empire. Lets think as God wants us too and demand a Godly government not a Catholic one.

  • 10th Oct 2019 at 5:18 am

    Communism enslaved the Gentiles and turned their wealth over to Them. It enables the Jws to slaughter the best of the Gentiles pursuant to the maxim of Ben Yohai that the best of the Gentiles deserves death. they believe that all Goy Nations must be destroyed and all Goy animals must be exterminated (jeremiah 30:11)

  • 10th Oct 2019 at 5:10 am

    Do not be fooled into believing that the Joo’s seek to create a global police state similar to the Bolshevik Soviet Union. The Jewish mission is not to spread monotheism or communism, but rather to exterminate all goyim, including Blacks and destroy all nation states.

    • 26th Dec 2019 at 1:34 am

      Not true: blacks are to become their most trusted Lieutenants

    • 26th Dec 2019 at 1:41 am

      Blacks and Muslims have been allowed to immigrate IN THE MILLIONS into majority-white countries and cities, in spite of the “War on Terror” because of the fact that the policy of Cultural Marxism is being fully implemented to the letter. That policy was most clearly documented in the book Practikal Idealismus (Practical Idealism, originally in German and currently BANNED in Germany) by the false Jew, Count Coudenhove Kalergi, who advocated that (false Jews/The Synagogue of Satan) Jews must be placed at the top of all social and economic structures; and, that blacks and mulattos should all be placed directly under the Jew; with Chinese, East Indians, Others following; and the whites at the very bottom (perpetually unemployed; homeless; drug addicts; whores; toilet and street cleaners, etc.). If you think this is not happening today even in the SMALLEST towns and cities across the world (but in Europe, the USA, Canada, and the UK in particular but, strangely NOT in China, Singapore, or East/Southeast Asia) then you are woefully blind to your own genocide.

  • 5th Sep 2018 at 5:44 pm

    Yes, he’s not hard core. He should be given credit as one of the very few Christians in South Africa to even mention the Jew. The rest are totally blind and suck up to the Jews like those dumb pro-Israel Christian Zionists in the USA. I’d say that Hammond is at least leading the way forward… I think he should get credit for that.

  • 5th Sep 2018 at 5:39 pm

    Unfortunately Peter Hammond seems naive about Christianity, which of course is ‘Jewish’.
    He thinks almost all countries in 1900 were ruled by Christians! In fact, the churches were subordinate to genuine power, and co-operated with Jew money. Just as now.


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