Video: The American Jew who screwed the Whites of Africa (especially Namibia): Allard Lownstein – Killed by a White man


Whites in Africa don’t know the name Allard Lowenstein. But he’s a fascinating Jew who screwed the whites here and who also was fomenting communism and revolution in the USA. He was later killed by a white guy who had looked up to him and risked his life for him. He’s a fascinating character. We will revisit Lowenstein when we look at the CIA’s activities in southern Africa, especially South Africa.

I did a detailed video about his activities and what led to his death. Here are the links to the videos:

Video: Do Jews make you INSANE? The Assassination of the Jew Allard Lowenstein: Part 1
We look at a rare event: When a White male kills a Jew, but not just any Jew. He kills a Jew he knew VERY WELL and whom he looked up to as an icon.

Allard Lowenstein is a Jew who was elected to congress once. Much later he wanted to run for the senate. He was a very energetic Jew whom some claim had CIA contacts.

You may think that Jan is a baboon and that he speaks the way he does because he lacks culture and intellect! In this video I show you that I can speak “Liberal” with the same “cultivated”, soft, Jewish maliciousness that is common to Liberals and Jews!!

In this video we study a Jew who was apparently a Liberal who hated communism. But in reality he supported communism. This Jew, unknown to the whites in Africa, actually helped to stoke up hatred against the whites of Africa, especially the whites of what is now Namibia (formerly: German South West Africa).

We take a close look at the book The Pied Piper by Dr Richard Cummings who himself was a former Intelligence Officer for the USA and his claims that Lowenstein was sent to “disrupt communists” and that Lowenstein was actually secretly working for the CIA on several projects inside the USA and elsewhere in the world.

I discuss the amazing ability of the Jews, especially in the USA, to take young whites and to turn them against their fellow whites and to make them fight their own system, even using violent methods without anyone realising that the Jew is busy fomenting revolution. We look at how the Jew works both at the top and bottom of society at the same time, causing trouble and anguish at the bottom, while exploiting his high level contacts who believe he is doing GOOD!!

Lowenstein was later murdered by one of the young whites who had worked with him closely for years and who had looked up to him.

We see also that Liberal Jew Lowenstein was rabidly anti-gun and that the Jew Lowenstein was totally intolerant not only of whites going their own way, but blacks also going their own way!! The Jew would NOT tolerate blacks wanting to separate from whites to live their lives their way!!

You can view the video here:

Video: Do Jews make you INSANE? The Assassination of the Jew Allard Lowenstein: Part 2
We examine closely the strange insanity that befell the young white man Dennis Sweeney who killed Allard Lowenstein. I dig into a story that has been largely forgotten. What was it that made Dennis Sweeney “insane”? Did the activities and the statements of the Jew Lowenstein play a role in this?

How did a quiet, guitar-playing, apolitical young white man turn into an intense, angry revolutionary who risked his life fighting “the white power structure” at the behest of this Jew?

I examine the statements of other people who knew Lowenstein and how it shows that Sweeney was not alone in feeling angry and betrayed by this Jew. This Jew made a number of enemies. Also there are rumours of the Jew making unwanted homosexual moves on Sweeney.

If Sweeney was totally insane, then why was he only insane when dealing with Lowenstein when in fact on all other matters he was lucid and sane? Why is it that Sweeney recovered fully after a few years in jail without requiring any drugs? He became totally normal again, after counseling and was let out of prison!

Why did Sweeney come to believe that there was a “Jewish conspiracy” and that people were being harmed secretly? We look at the final moments of the Jew Lowenstein’s life before Sweeney took out a gun and fired 7 rounds into him.

You can view the video here:

2 thoughts on “Video: The American Jew who screwed the Whites of Africa (especially Namibia): Allard Lownstein – Killed by a White man

  • 11th Jan 2020 at 5:06 am

    godless filth communist only regret we should of made a 5th province back in the late 80s and lynched that kboet f w. south africa is slipping in to a belgian congo crisis frame very fast .

  • 12th Mar 2018 at 11:40 pm

    Jan your videos are great. So don’t take this as criticism,but here in America the rat Jews have had a free reign. No serious public figure has spoken out against their power in decades. Thus they have had plenty of time to subvert law enforcement ,monopolize media(even to a local level). Pretty much everything you see in mass media is a lie,scripted theater.
    The first red flag,and hard piece of evidence, is the burial at Arlington. No self respecting left wing, anti-American communist, rat Jew would NEVER,EVER,EVER be laid to rest next to a bunch of white patriotic filthy goyim and all their crosses.
    Running the image through Fotoforensics ,you can clearly see it has been tampered with,grass has been added,ect Here is the jpg,and the website
    Now there are supposedly 2,500 Jews buried at Arlington out of the 250,000. An exact match to their population demographic..which is odd. Looking into some of the more famous names,they are mostly WWII era. Obviously,for public image, some needed to be buried there. Some eyebrows might get raised if none were,seeing the goyim died in mass to liberate the Jews from the evil Nazis. I have have found several fraud claims like Judith Resnick being buried there. She allegedly died aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger,but like I said earlier,everything is a lie. The whole crew is still alive,and she is a professor of law at Yale

    This might be a bit out there,but Jewrassic liars nails it again and again on the Jews code words.
    Jews use certain codes in their hoaxes. The main ones are “MAN”,”SON”,and “RAM”..they also like to use ass,wood,cock,nuts,in this case Dennis Sweeney..weeney.
    Lowenstein graduated Horace MANn School,wrote a book A Brutral MANdate,murdered in his MAN hattan MARch
    Sweeney was sent to HudSON clinic
    Jews are sick,but predictable..


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