Video: South Africa: Pandemonium in Coligny: Black Vs White racial tensions – Part 1

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When one is trying to educate other Whites about Jews, you get people turning around and saying that Jews are only a religion. But others think that Jews might be a race. In this video I discuss the confusion relating to Jews when one speaks to other Whites.

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Blacks attacked and tried to burn down 4 houses belonging to whites after 2 Boers were released on bail for the alleged murder of a black youth in Coligny. In this video I discuss what I know and I also discuss exactly what farm life is like in Africa. A farm in Africa is quite lawless by Western standards. Its a little bit like living in the old Wild West. I describe my own experiences in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia when I caught a black stealing in our fields.

This video relates to 2 earlier videos I did which dealt with the previous violence (related to the current violence) in Coligny: Video: SA WAR: Massed Black attacks on Whites in 2 small towns? and Video: SA WAR: Black attacks: Whites houses burned down – also: Angus Buchan, Malema, DA & FW

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