Video: S.Africa: VERY SERIOUS PROBLEMS: Electricity collapse the Load Shedding 7 – but could go to 7 or even 8

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[In December it was announced, I think by the Black Jew Ramaphosa, that the lights would be on for December's holidays and there would be no Electricity Rolling Blackouts. Well the words were hardly out of the liar's mouth when out of the blue we were hit with load shedding at stage 6. I'm sitting in the midst of 2 x 4 hour power outages. In this video below from the TV news you'll see a White Afrikaans guy telling the truth and he's very angry. Koeberg is our nuclear power plant and part of it is shutting down for at least 6 months, maybe longer for refurbishment. The Afrikaans guy, Ted Blom is predicting that we will hit load shedding level 8 by April 2023. However, we might even be hitting load shedding level 7 by this weekend. I don't think we have EVER had stage 7. We are moving into extremely dangerous territory. It's looking to me as if a total grid collapse is coming some time in the years to come. That will be very nasty. NOBODY has experienced that before. We are heading ever closer to going off the cliff! Jan]

Here’s the video:

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