Video: Rhodesia: Southern Africa: What We Killed – My Comments

[This comes from National Vanguard, run by Kevin Strom. It's really cool. In Rhodesia, we did not have many people who had video cameras in those days. So it is rare to get some film footage like this. These were clearly white Rhodesians who were a cut above the rest. My family was middle class and maybe even more lower-middle-class. I really appreciate this film footage from National Vanguard! Rhodesians are bitter to this day I tell you. I speak quite often to a Colonel who was the head of Military Intelligence. I'm currently reading a new, and rather strange book about Rhodesia and assessing it. It's great seeing ever more data coming out. But I am concerned that with regard to South Africa, so much is hidden. It's not healthy to hide things. Anyway, this is a look into Rhodesia. Jan]

You can view the video at the link below.


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